Picture(s) of the Day – As seen on my way home!

Good grief, good grief, good grief!

THIS is what I LOVE about Fall!

Seriously! Dem trees iz on FI-YA!

So much beauty!!!

Quick note: You might be wondering – and even if you’re not, I’m gonna tell ya – how my new job is going? The answer is that I’m in the honeymoon stage, so of COURSE, it’s wonderful. Except for the part about waking up at the crack of dawn. I’ve never been a fan of daylight saving time – especially not the “Falling Back” because it means it gets dark sooooooo early. But dang if I’m not super-duper-duper looking forward to this weekend when I get… WOO HOO… an EXTRA HOUR! And it means I won’t be driving TO work in the dark. Instead, I’ll be driving home in the almost-darkness of 4pm. Did I mention I get an extra hour of SLEEP? Cuz, yeah, it means the world to me. <<< Tears of gratitude! LOL

I like this last photo, too, because it’s like a bunch of trees standing in line by size, which is (of course) an optical illusion. Still, I love it… little tree soldiers!

It’s a cold and cloudy day. I hate to say this… but when I came out of work… it felt like…


Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!

Before we know it, the ground will be covered. So glad my Ruby has her snowshoes on!

I’ll be back soon with some new books. Just acclimating to the new schedule. I know you know that… but just a reminder.

This blog is more important to me than almost-anything… I won’t desert you, I promise!


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