Five Wishes – And, one important question!

amapbr,nrt 6. 2-21

Wait! What?

This is what happens when you’re a “*touch typist” training on a desktop PC for 40 hours and come home to your compact MAC Air.

Yes, the keys are basically in the same place but everything feels… off. That gobble-de-gook up there is what I actually typed. It’s supposed to be November 6, 2021.


Up for reblog today is a beautiful little book that has the capacity to change your life.

Has it survived my purges thus far? Yes, it’s on my shelf.

Maybe I should start measuring my books by non-purge-worthiness? What would I call this one?

No, it’s gotta be the other way around…


1. Never gonna purge
2. Might purge
3. Will purge, if desperate for more space
4. Won’t purge
5. Moved to the shelf on my desk, which is akin to heavenly non-purge

I give this one a 5.

What do you think?


* Because I can’t link easily on a reblog, here’s the full link for touch typing, if you don’t know what it is.,simply%20by%20feeling%20the%20keyboard.&text=This%20way%2C%20the%20fingers%20get,even%20feel%20around%20the%20keyboard.

Short answer: Typing without seeing. You’re welcome!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

My life is a complete success because I live in a state of completion with all my friends and family. I say all the important things I need to say, and do all the important things I need to do. As I go through life, there’s nothing significant I have unsaid or undone. (pg 23)

Five Wishes by Gay Hendricks is the kind of book you can read in an afternoon. My copy is a gift edition with a cover like parchment. I like that.

I will tell you that it has the potential to change your life. Note: I’m realizing that while I say this fairly often, it is also true fairly often. The thing is, a book that changes your life may not change another’s. You have to pick-and-choose, vet the choices, try them on for size and decide which one fits YOU.

Our story begins with Gay…

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