Choosing my Word for 2022

Since beginning this blog in late 2017, I have chosen a word to focus on for each of the following years:

2018: Year of Nurture

2019: Year of Water

2020: Year of Clarity

2021: Year of Rebuilding

In the running for this year are Joy, Guidance & Air – or maybe I should say Breath or Breathe? Yes, Breathe.

Joy, Guidance or Breathe?

I’ll tell you my thought processes for each:

Joy: I’m pretty good at finding it but not mindful. Maybe I should add Mindfulness to the list?

Joy, Guidance, Breathe or Mindfulness?

Back to Joy… Yes, I’m good at finding it, sometimes in the strangest places. Yes, I’m good at being grateful, which seems to go hand-in-hand with joy. But the moments sometimes go by without a second thought, let alone a first one! I try so hard to be mindful. <<< There’s that word again.

Guidance is using what is at my disposal, including Intuition, Prayers, Cards, Crystals, Scriptures, Poetry, etc to make decisions. I do that already, yes, but not in a way that always puts it top-of-thought. Includes Mindfulness again, doesn’t it?

Breathe is the one that resonates most deeply, or at least DID when I began this process. That’s because I’m having a lot of trouble breathing lately. I’m asthmatic, so it’s nothing new. But there’s a prevailing feeling that something has changed with age and circumstances (like living in a humid climate for half the year. I thrive in dry climates.). My doctor blames inaction and/or being obese. Nothing new there. She says I have basically stopped strengthening my lung MUSCLES. I had a pulmonary check-up a while back and it came back normal (with the caveat: for a lifelong asthmatic. Both doctors said they were surprised how much oxygen I get!). Walking over the summer certainly helped the situation, but now that it’s cold – my worst time of year for breathing – I hurt all over again.

Breathing Part II — The saddest part for me? Singing has become impossible. Nobody wants to test for that and I don’t blame them. I totally suck and that’s not humility, it’s truth. I used to be a solid second-soprano. Now, I can’t carry a tune from the bedroom to the bathroom. I used to LOVE singing! I was in the church choir 25 years ago and loved it but never kept it up and rarely sing for pleasure – and now, when I might want to – I can’t. PS: My children would tell you that I was no soloist back then, either. That’s not what I mean here, though. I can’t hit the notes I once did. Not even close. It’s like my voice just… s.t.o.p.s.

Breathing Part III — I can’t keep talking like I used to without stopping to take a breath before I go on. Noticeable only to me, as I used to be able to go on-and-on-and-on without a break. Much to the chagrin of all who knew me. LOL

Breathing Bottom Line — I want to see if I can strengthen my lungs and improve my breathing.

Mindfulness, the new addition, seems like a good idea because it incorporates all of the above. Doesn’t it? I need to THINK about joy, guidance, and breathing. Listen and learn. Do things with purpose. Nothing more to say because it speaks for itself.

See, this is why I love writing! You just watched/ read me go through the process of figuring stuff out.

Now, I have a whole different perspective! Isn’t it great?


Breathing or Mindfulness?

I’m going to be giving this some thought and come back with my decision.

If you’d like to chime in, please do!

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