The Universe Has Your Back – With parentheses & italics

November 16, 2021

Speaking of the Universe…

My reblog button is gone, gone, gone.

Now I have to go old-school and reblog like we used to… by copy and pasting! LOL

From May 20, 2019, I bring you… The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

You’ll notice a few additional comments, in parentheses and italics, throughout. I guess I had some things to say today, after all!


When you begin to dance with the energy of the Universe, your life flows naturally, incredible synchronicity presents itself, creative solutions abound, and you experience freedom. (pg. 11)

Her followers are known as Spirit Junkies. It should be no surprise then, that in The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, we will be talking about The Devine.

Fear to Faith. Not just faith, but joy.

Fear has (too often) been my companion.

Faith and joy? They elude me, more often than not. And this frustrates me… dare I admit, makes me angry?

I have spent most of my adult life searching and reaching for something just out of my grasp.

I feel myself – right now, this moment – accepting the fact that I have NOT reached the emotional and spiritual place I want and need to be. Not even close.

God knows I’ve tried.

I’m reminded of a friend who surrounds herself with peaceful, beautiful images and listens only to soulful music. Everything about her denotes a kind-of monkish devotion to finding peace, contentment, and joy. Even her clothing. Yet, she never seems to find what she’s looking for. (Edited on 11/16/21 to say: That’s not true! What it is… is that it doesn’t seem to STICK. I find myself struggling with the same issue… so I totally understand. It’s honestly maddening!)

I am – at turns – envious and annoyed. In saying that, please know that I realized long ago that she is me and I am she. We are me. (Oh, wow! I guess I realized it even back then. Never mind what I said above! Also 11/16/21. LOL)

I crave something I could have but can’t seem to find. I am needy. Needy people are… desperate. Desperation leads to … manipulation. Me? Manipulate?

When you co-create with a needy and manipulative energy, you may still manifest the desire of your focus, but it’s not likely to last. (pg. 107)

In going back through this book, I realize that I need to sit down with it again. Pour over it. Take all the highlights and underlining into my soul. (I couldn’t help myself. I know I say I hate highlighting and underlining but dangit! I had to!!)

I am lost. Berstein can help me find my way home. (11/16/21 Hey! And this is good news! I don’t think I’m lost anymore!)

I loved the book. It’s what I needed at the time it was published (2016) and what I need now. This is an important distinction: I need it. You may need it, too. Others may not… or not right now. Boy, that’s the truth with all the books I’ve reviewed. I guess I assumed everyone realized it… but after a couple of messages, I’m wondering if I need a disclaimer? Something to think about. (Yes, I digress!)

Finally, allow me to share this lovely video of Bernstein. There is something luminescent about her. See if you agree:


  1. I guess what we all need to learn is that one may aspire to greatness, either in wealth or in stature. The only ones who achieve it though are those who learn to appreciate what they have, what they have become, what they have achieved and what they have inspired others to do the same.

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