CrazyBusy – aka: Culturally Induced ADD

November 22, 2021

Yay! My reblog button is back, baby! I looked earlier today and it wasn’t… so this is a nice surprise!

Today was my first day on the phones with real, live customers…

… and I had a blast!

Funny story, though….

The customer was a month overdue with her credit card payment, and also had a $10 payment due this month. I’m the one who got to tell her we freeze overdue accounts, no matter how small.

We try to leave the customer feeling better than when they called and my way to do that was…


I literally said…

“It’s like you’re baby past-due!”

Baby past-due? I don’t think they said anything about that one in training. But, the customer sure felt better. Like, “Yay, I’m not big past due, just baby past due.”


I think I’ll be forgiven since it was my third call EVER…

… but I can only imagine how my supervisor’s face will look when he listens to *that* call!

Still laughing, as did my co-workers. One of them was crying-laughing. We were all so nervous on our first phone day. Leave it to me to lighten the mood!

Anyhow, this is one of my fave authors with another great book. If you feel crazybusy, you’ll enjoy it, I know!!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I picked up and began to read Crazy Busy by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.before I realized that Hallowell was the author. I actually reviewed my favorite book by him last year around this time.This may be the first time I’m going into “same author” territory. I’ve been careful thus far. I have several books by authors you know from this blog! The door has been opened, so… get ready on that for the near future!

There are many things to love about this book. I almost don’t know where to begin. Let’s see…

  1. Culturally induced ADD is Hallowell’s phrase and it fits. But without meaning to, he’s opened up the notion that we – as a society – have culturally induced “a whole bunch of things”. At least, in my not-so-humble opinion. Back when my son was school-aged, I coulda told you that we were over-medicating children who…

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