The Divorce Remedy – Back at it

November 29, 2021

Up for reblog…

An excellent book about a terrible time. Or rather, how to avoid it.


By the time many (most?) people realize they need a book like this…

It’s too late.

If you have a happy marriage, you may not even consider a book like this.

You *should*.

The fact is… there are two people in a marriage and it isn’t just you holding things together – or not.

The time to work on your marriage… is… ALL the time!

Take nothing – NOTHING – for granted, dear readers.

You just never know.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Today, as I get back to mornal… er, normal… I shall talk about The Divorce Remedy by Michele Weiner Davis. And it shall be good.

Uh, what I mean is… it IS good. The book, I mean. Ugh. This getting back to mornal thing is overrated, for sure!

I will not be telling you about my divorce (it sucked) or my husband’s divorce (also sucked) or any divorces (they pretty-much ALL suck) or why you should work hard at your marriage because you promised to do so in your vows (unless you wrote something otherwise).

I will not be going into detail about how one of my adult kids sat me down not long ago to tell me I didn’t work hard enough to save my marriage to their father (I did – for years and years and years, but the kid didn’t realize it because I didn’t…

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