Never, Have I Ever – Stormy Lady

You’ve heard of the game.

Never have I ever

I could list a lot of things.


Never have I ever…

  • Gotten a tatoo
  • Played baccarat
  • Watched Game of Thrones
  • Gone skiing (but I have face-planted on a slope! Ha!)

… and the list goes on and on.

Today, I added something to the list…

Never have I ever met such an angry woman. Except once. But I digress.

Today, I got screamed at…

Ripped a new…

You know.

Today, someone who was clearly having a VERY bad day called into our center and got me as their customer service rep.

I would say it started out okay but actually, it didn’t.

I could feel her juju through the phone.

What she was screaming about might have been the result of my misunderstanding her. In fact, I’m sure it was partly due to that.

But it was also about a policy we have that is meant to protect her.

She was having NONE OF IT.

I *am* a professional and handled the call, best I could.

I got off the phone and shook it off.

Took another call. Last one of the day.

But I felt myself shaking from the inside out. You know what I mean.

I told my trainer and team about it. We’re still in training… and these little chats at the end of the day are helpful. So is commiseration. Another of the new reps got an earful today, too. Bullies are in every facet of life, it seems.


Then, I drove home replaying the call over and over in my head, as we HSP folks often do.

“I’m sorry,” I said to the customer.

“You SHOULD be! AND YOUR POLICIES SUCK. WE ARE GOOD CUSTOMERS AND DESERVE BETTER SERVICE,” she yelled at the top of her lungs, caps indicative of her tone, which was one step below heavy metal decibels.

For real.

Yesterday, I had a couple mock me. She was on the phone and he was in the background saying things like, “She doesn’t know what she’s doing,” when in fact, in this case, I totally did. The system was acting up.

They didn’t believe me.

They didn’t scream. But they wanted compensation for their long wait time. They didn’t ask nicely. I should have said no but I said okay. We have that kind of autonomy, which is nice. They probably think they pulled one over on me.


Today was different.

Worse. Much!

So yeah, I thought about it all the way home. Then, I told my husband about it. And now, obviously, I am writing about it, too.

As I was telling my husband about it, I remember that I also got a note from my supervisor’s supervisor, who sits by me and hears my calls. He sent it to both my supervisor and me. It was full of compliments about how compassionate and professional I am. My supervisor chimed in with accolades about how I am a seasoned professional even though I’m still in training.

Heady stuff and so appreciated today.

Answer me this…

Why is it so easy to grab onto the negative?

I hate that about me!

Anyway… I’m okay. Of COURSE.

I am gonna keep being grateful for this wonderful job and all the lovely people I meet.

And the mean people and bullies who occasionally cross my path?

They can suck eggs.

My featured photo is of the stormy skies tonight. I think it fits.

PS: If you want to know more about HSPs, here’s my post about it!

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