The Fifth Agreement & The Tenth Insight – Cash Grabs?


Just the other day, I saw another one of these…

“Original Book” 2 or + or continued.

It might have been The Secret. I think it was. But honestly, I just passed it over and forgot about it – until this moment, anyway.

Word to the wise: These (“2-+-or continued”) books that suddenly find something they left out from the first book… are *almost always* the same thing as the first, rehashed and wrapped in shiny new paper, or (in this case) cover.

Here is my take on two offenders. As you’ll read (and have gathered from this preamble)…

I find the whole thing annoying, cash-grabby, and insulting to our intelligence.

You may disagree. That’s okay. If you find something of value, hold on tight and run with it. You can even share it with us! 🙂

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I’m going to begin at the end and tell you that I dislike these books – both of ’em – and frankly, all books that do this. What is “this”? Well, lemme tell ya:

In both cases, an original book was written:

The Four Agreements

The Celestine Prophecy

Both were bestsellers and (mostly) beloved, depending on who you ask. If it was me, for example, loved them!

Both books had a limited number of … we’ll call them “things” to learn, believe, do or notice.You, the reader, will be better for it. Or at least, wiser.The End.

Not so fast, Speedy! Because later.

What happened later? Oh, lookie!! We found more!

Or did we?

And who is this “we” I speak of? The authors of the books, of course!

I would suggest that new “things” were NOT in fact found, but manufactured to sell more books.


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