The Trouble With Reality – It isn’t real. Or is it?


In rereading this today, I’m remembering how much I loved this little book. I carried it around for quite a while!

I can’t believe I wrote about it two years ago. It feels more recent.

The years just fly by. Is that reality? It sure feels like it!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

The Trouble With Reality is author Brooke Gladstone‘s written “rumination” about the kind of thing she talks about on a Western New York public radio (WNYC) show On The Media. She has a boatload of journalism awards (from her work on both radio and the written word) and is super interesting, funny, and somehow, at the very same time, deadly serious.

Take for example the word, “Rumination”. That’s her word to describe the book on the cover. It caught my eye. I loved it so much, I picked it up. I mean, just because of that one word! I too am a ruminator! Go, Ruminators!

Coming in at under 100 pages, it is a quick read. But you’ll need more than once. There are profound words that you’ll wish you had a highlighter for… which is why I suggest keeping one close by as you read…

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