Hello, 2022! – Word of the Year: Day One

For a bit of history on my “Word of the Year” START HERE. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Those who have read me over the years will know that I take my Word very seriously. It will be brought up and discussed a few times over the year, with updates.

My word for 2022 is MINDFULNESS.

Cool thing: Mom included a set of cards in my Christmas box. (Oh, and yes, I will be talking more about her gifts in another post.) This gift was all about the subject matter, as she said. The cards themselves are not beautiful or in a box worthy of framing, as oracle cards often are (and, hint: another of her gifts IS!).

Here is the cover of this simple box of Mindfulness Cards.

When I took them out of the box for the first time, I really appreciated that they’re slightly smaller than the average deck and made of a lighter card stock. While big, thick, glossy cards are more durable and beautiful to look at, they’re impossible to shuffle – at least for me. I use several decks (and, shhhh, Mom included another STUNNING set in the gift box) these are cards I’ll be using weekly, if not daily. There are 52 in the deck, which suggests weekly, but I may be pulling more often, as it won’t hurt to make this a daily practice to begin my days. I’ll let you know what I do on that one!

This morning, I did a rousing shuffle and pulled my first card of the year:

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this card!

Over the summer, as most of you know, I spent my days walking around the region. In my travels, I found a secluded park with tons of lily pads! This is what I *immediately* pictured in my mind and I could literally feel my blood pressure slow down. Not that it was racing… but being honest, keeping it down has been a struggle for me over the last few years.

There are a few things that calm me immediately… and that also don’t have baggage. Let me explain. The following things slow me down and bring a sense of peace:

  1. Bookstores and libraries
  2. Nature – from forest trails to beaches
  3. Starbucks – I know, very specific. But back in the day (sorry!) in 1980s California, the only Starbucks I knew of was in a bookstore in Pasadena. It was an absolute TREAT to go there and have a coffee with whipped cream on top. The smell of their coffee brings me right back there!
  4. Cats, especially my Bette
  5. My family: Mom & Dad, my sister and family, my children, grandson and the friends I left when I moved to Canada. And don’t get me started on those who have since passed into holy realms.

Here’s the thing… #3 and #5… both bring back memories… of past places and people. Number 5 -in particular- is sweet until I remember that we are far away. And that’s not a “low blood pressure” memory, as you know. Every freaking piece of baggage comes rolling along…

So, for me… thinking of nature is the best, most consistent way to remain mindful and in the moment, and the reminder of those lily pads is positive, indeed!

I like too that the top of the card says, “Beginner’s Mind”. Absolutely perfect for the first day of the year!

Let me see if I can find those lily pads I told you about… it’s a little blurry, sorry, but you get the drift. I remember the day well, actually.

I walked from one side of the park (which was secluded, set back from the street) to the other and it let out on a major street. I had to walk along the shoulder of that busy street to get back to my car, Ruby. And yes, before you ask, I could have walked back through the park but it was later than I usually went out and most folks were home in the air-conditioning. So, there was only one person – a gentleman – in the whole darned place. He was watching me go by the first time I went through and I don’t like putting myself in situations like that because, uh, Sheryl-no-run.

Ha! Look at me digressing… which is the antithesis of mindfulness.

See how I am?

And, I mustn’t judge myself (see instructions on the featured photo!)

That’s how it’s going on my first day of Mindfulness. 🙂

Happy New Year TO ALL!!

I hope that 2022 brings an end to the pandemic madness and political strife.

I hope for peace, love, and happiness to fill all your homes and that you are healthy, wealthy, (whatever that means to you), and wise!

I hope that all your dreams become realities!

God bless us all!


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