Winnie the Pooh – Oh, Pooh!

What new thing can be said about a book known and loved by everyone I’ve ever met?

Maybe this: ‘A gorgeous new collectible edition of the beloved classic, Winnie-the-Pooh, crafted as a replica of the first American edition from 1926. This elegant book features a textured case, gold foil stamping, and illustrated endpapers.’

Last week, I told you about how I was ordering a bunch of fiction. I might have mentioned that some of it would be classic and or children’s literature. Can’t remember, don’t want to go looking. It is, after all, an “Easy like Sunday” which means I don’t have to go linking everything.

However, I will link this particular editon of Winnie the Pooh by a.a. milne (Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard).

Did you know that Christopher Robin had a swan named Pooh before the bear? I know, right? Me neither!!! That bit of info was in the Introduction… and is the only piece of “new” info I read.

Other than the above tidbit, this book is exactly as warm, adorable, and dear as I remembered.

I can still hear my mother’s voice as she read about Pooh floating up with a balloon to see the beehive… and he sang a little song… which Mom would sing. Was the tune right? Of course! Every mama and every tune was the right one… to us kids. It is among my favorite childhood memories.

So, it is no surprise that this book brings such warm fuzzies that it almost makes me cry… just holding it in my hands.

You might wonder if I remember reading it to my own children? Well, yes and no. I was not the patient reader my mother was, that’s for darned sure! I can remember reading the first bit of many stories and skipping ahead to the end, hoping they didn’t notice (they ALWAYS did!). Yep, I gots me some Mom-guilt. 

But I digress.

What I really want to say is that there’s nothing new in this beautiful little book and it isn’t the point.

What is the point?

Only this… 

Sometimes, you just want to be a kid again.

You want to visit the familiar faces and places.

When it’s dark and cold outside, even in the daytime, it’s nice to cuddle up with your cat (or dog, or stuffed animal) and a cup of tea, with a lovely little book about a round, fluffy bear and his friends on their adventures.

No synopsis or critique needed from me. We all know what we’ll find in the pages of this one.

And, it’s very, very comforting.

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