Bio Moment – The Storm of January, 2022

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten the kind of snow that stops the world from spinning.

The cars that try to get on the road? They’re spinning! The internet? Not so spinny. I’m using my phone as a hot spot to write this post. Husband is working from home using his phone as a hotspot, which is gonna cost the company a pretty penny.

I was supposed to work today. If only I could get my car out! Or, the sidewalk plowed. Oh, and the street. It would have been a good day to work from home… except for that pesky internet problemo.

See what I mean? World = Stop.

Yes, I’m joking, at least a little bit. There are people without power. Thankfully, we are not one of those. There are people who felt they had to dig out whether they were fit enough or had equipment enough to do it. Some of those had heart attacks. Others are stuck in ditches. Just minutes ago, we heard from our provincial police that a certain highway is at a dead stop and has been since 7am. Cars and phones are dying. Cars are running out of gas. Babies are crying (Parents too, I would guess). Even the snow plows are stuck!

Such is the situation for much of the eastern side of North America, up and down and through a whack of states and provinces.

Two weeks ago, it was the west. Same verse, same as the first. Or, wait. That should be the other way around. We’re the same verse -as the west- same as the first. There, fixed it.

Having a forced day off is very weird. For the first half of the day, I fretted. Will I or won’t I be able to go? There came a point where it became obvious. I called into work, as I’m assuming (hoping) others did. Surely, we’re not alone in not being able to get out of our driveway, let alone across town.

Slight digression: I can remember a year that was absolute hell on the highways… and there I was… the California girl who was a newly minted resident of Canada … crying my face off as I clenched the wheel and anything else I could clinch. I was slipping, sliding and trying to follow the ruts of trucks in front of me in the slow lane. I tried the service roads, unplowed and slick. Highway was better, I reasoned. One time, it seriously took me two hours to make a 15 minute drive. Although, hearing about those people who have been stuck since 7am today… well… let’s just say my 2 hour drive sounds “not so bad”. 

The second half of the day, I should have been able to relax and enjoy. Er, me? Hahahaha. More like … still fret … will I or won’t I be able to get to work tomorrow? … eat eggs my husband prepared … notice head is hurting …


I feel dizzy for the umpteenth time in the last as-many days … remind myself that I have gone through brain scans and ambulance drives only to find out I have vertigo and anxiety.

Oh great, I think to myself, I’ve upset myself so much that I’m heading into a full-on panic or vertigo attack.


They’ll take away my license. That’s what they do. They take away your license. You can’t drive around dizzy. They’ll take away my license. <<< I’m virtually rocking back-and-forth in bed at this point.

Don’t let it happen, don’t let it happen. Don’t let it happen.

Fixating on what you *don’t* want to happen isn’t at-ALL helpful.

I. know. this.

Wait! What if I have a brain tumor? Or ear. Or sinus. It could be ****anything****.

Funny. But, not.

You see, this is the downward spiral of health anxiety… with a dash of expected depression in the dark months, and some good ol’ fashioned panic… and occasional vertigo, which pops up when I least expect it. And has… for years. At least ten. Years, I mean.

THIS IS NOT NEW. I’ve never driven dizzy. I’m not an idiot. I’m not an idiot. No, I’m really not. <<< I obviously need some convincing on this one.

I have learned some coping strategies, of course. I notice, I assess, I take meds if necessary (which will depend on my location and if I’m in the middle of – say – a regular workday. That happened a week ago and I actually was able to stop it before I went into a full-blown attack of any kind).

Mostly, I function. Sometimes, not. Today? A little of both.

Not a lot of enjoying my first (and hopefully last) snow day of the season.

Yep, the storm of January 2022 was/ is bad. One of the worst, I’d say. But I wasn’t here in ’77 during a blizzard that spawned documentaries, books, songs and stuff. I can’t look it up and link it right now… if you’re interested and can, I suggest you do! It was epic.

If you’re on my side of world, be careful. If you’re on the other side, be careful.


Just be careful.


  1. Yeah. Mother Nature dealt us a blow her in the Carolinas too. But, it was a good chance to snuggle up and watch an old movie, so I won’t complain.

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  2. Oh, darlin’. Breathe and accept the gift — a little time out to change gears is just what’s good for you right now. Huge hug. Now, go watch reruns.

    PS Got a great post out of it! 👩‍❤️‍👩

    Liked by 1 person

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