A Note For YOU! At Your Fingertips!

In late December, I was involved in a kitchen catastrophe! I was splitting peas after a long day in the fields and didn’t notice that I’d picked up a machete instead of my paring knife and suddenly, the end of my middle finger was flippin’ the bird at me! From the floor! The rest of the finger was still attached to my hand and spurting blood everywhere!!!

No, not really. I just wanted to make it sound dramatic. I crack me up!

It was -actually- a paring knife, which sliced through an avocado pit nicely, followed by my finger, which remained intact but did require stitches. I talked about it in this post.

The featured photo is my finger today, wrinkled and healing. In fact, from the outside, you can’t even tell what the poor lil’ thing has been through. But if you press and prod, you’ll find a jagged line under the surface. 

Still a little hurt-y. Still healing.

And that, my friends and readers, is what today’s post is all about!

Even when things seem okay on the outside, many of us are still healing on the inside.

I find it miraculous, truly, how the body heals. I mean, there was a hole in my finger and now there’s not. Isn’t it amazing?

If only emotions healed the same way!

See, even if I hadn’t gone to the ER and had them stitch it up, my finger would have bled and gotten infected and fallen off… no wait, that’s what my health-anxiety-ed self would say.

Actually, it might have bled and bled … and then, after I pushed the two splits of the offending digit together for 24 hours straight, it would have fused together and eventually healed. It isn’t always pretty… or scar-free… but it’s what a body does! You really don’t have to *do* a darned thing!

Not so with emotions and mental health, is it?

You can try and pull the ends of your broken heart or brain together but it’s no guarantee that it will heal. Not without the proper tools.

That’s where self-help (in all its incarnations), a good therapist and maybe even a psychiatrist come in!

You know I’m not a doctor. You know I don’t pretend to be your therapist or guru. I am, perhaps, your friend. I am FOR SURE a traveller beside you…

So, consider this your gentle reminder that you have all the tools you need to heal! Some of those tools will be found at the doctor or with a therapist. Some will be found at the library or bookstore. Other tools will be found in the eyes, hearts and listening ears of your friends and family. And yes, some will be found here in my little corner of the Internet.

But MOST OF ALL !!!!!!! You have a wealth of information right at your fingertips! (See what I did there? Fingertips!) In your toes! In your brain and heart! You’re no dummy! You KNOW THINGS about your OWN body and mind! Please, don’t ever forget this!


  1. Wow great insight. I completely agree. Thank you for sharing and I am glad your finger is healing well. May you have a wonderful day 👍🙂

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