The Eagle and The Rose – Nice work if you can get it

January 27, 2022

Up for reblog is a book I ultimately gave away, which is why I couldn’t find it when I was racking (wracking?) my brain trying to remember the title… oh, about three months ago.

It was while writing a post here, though I don’t remember which one now. I spent the better part of a morning (or was it an afternoon?) searching my bookshelves and this blog (fruitless, since I had *no idea* what the book was called).

All I remembered is that it was super popular (years ago) and about a quest.

This was that book!

Not that any of this makes sense right at the moment. I’m nothing if not a muddled mess. But I digress. LOL

I would like to add that as I read through this post, I was struck with my comment of believing that I am a healer (of sorts, anyway!)

I no longer see myself as a healer. Instead, I see my role as a facilitator in YOU healing YOURSELF.

This is something I want to make VERY CLEAR from here on in.

Self-help is about YOU finding ways to HEAL YOURSELF. If prayer is involved, yay! If medicine is involved, yay! If you want to do your own research and freakin’ heal yourself all by yourself, yay!

I respect and am with you no matter which path you choose. I simply hope to shed some light on books and modalities that may help.

With that very long preamble… here’s the origonal post:

The Self-Help Whisperer®

The Eagle and The Rose by Rosemary Alteawas a book I loved, loved, loved when I first read it, in 1995.

I was hungry for spiritual things – not Jesus things, but something different – having just left a fundamental Baptist church under a cloud of doubt, disgust and grief.

I was leaving a community I had grown to love and had given so much of my life to – for years! It’s a very long story (as most of mine are) but these kinds of stories – these cultish stories – are all too prevalent in fundamental churches these days.

Add a dash of sexual intrigue (a nasty preacher on the prowl for disciples; all in skirts) and a few marriages on the edges of collapse and you’ve got the makings of a psychological and spiritual thriller. But enough about that. Ugh.

I share this (about the…

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