Poetry – “to Snow” aka “Pack Your Drifts & Go!”

Prologue: I meant for this post to be lighthearted and humorous… the joke’s on me. As I penned the last line, I immediately felt bad. You see, I personified snow in this poem… (as I personify everything that has life and energy!)… and therefore, felt guilty for telling her to go away. (Yeah, she’s a she! Was there any question?) Such is the life of an empath and overthinker. PS & FYI: It doesn’t rhyme.

Once, so very long ago

(It was November)

I saw your first flakes of the season.

I listened for your silent falling


Always magical.

I loved how you left powder-tipped trees

Against an azure sky

And how my cheeks, rosy in the cold, looked merry and bright.

Christmas came and went

You left a mere dusting.

Still, so lovely! Still magical.

It is my belief that after the holidays, snow (like wrapping paper) is best put in the attic or the room under the stairs.

But you had other ideas!

(I hate surprises!)

In came the sound of your voice, no longer silent


As you delivered two storms back-to-back.

We were buried in you!

Slight digression: I couldn’t get to work on account of YOU.

(Unpaid. Your fault!)

Breathe, Sher. Meditate on this:

No fault. No blame. Just IS.

Here’s the thing…

Now that we’ve entered February and the whisper of Spring is trying to get a foothold…

I kinda need you to… um…

Get lost!

Take the blocks and blobs and frozen bits

You left laying around the streets!

Let the sun do her work. Release her!

If nothing else, could you please just STOP falling?

I’m so tired of waterproof boots and a frozen nose,

(Bulbous and red with rosacea. Merry, indeed!)

Hat-flattened hair, stuck to my head.

And my lungs burning.

You laugh at me.

Oh, I hear you, Snow,


Cracking under my feet.

I’m begging… go!!!

I’ll see you in November.

Until then…

You’re not welcome here!

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  1. Always something magical when it snows. The whiteness, the purity and natural beauty. But then, when or if you have to shovel it off the roof as I did in Connecticut, the magic fades real quick

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