Bio Moment – All’s Well in Hineyworld

This will not be a lesson in slowing down or paying more attention. I was doing everything right when my feet flew out from under me.

Here’s what happened: 

It was 8pm and I’d just finished my Sunday shift. My husband was coming to pick me up.

I was wearing several layers because the zipper on my old winter coat finally broke the day before and I was determined not to buy a another in February, for goodness’ sake, even though I’ve needed a new one for months and hated the one I had for the last two years, at least. It was fugly. I think I wrote about it a few days or weeks ago but I’m feeling too lazy to go searching.

So, I was wearing sweats, two sweaters and a sweater-coat that didn’t button up. I’m such a dork.

By the way, you’ll be happy to know that today I bought myself a beautiful new winter jacket – totally poofy with tons of pockets, a hood, in royal purple. It’s kind of long, too (almost to my knees) so it’s kinda perfect. But I digress.

Anywho, I was all bundled up and smiling at my husband, who was sitting in a nice warm car with heated seats.

I was carefree and young… giggling as I merrily skipped along …

No, actually…

I was tiptoeing and going in slow motion, ever cognizant of the ice that’s collected all over the place.

I was wearing my all-season hikers on my feet, which are meant for just these types of surfaces.

It should have been okay.


The job had been salting out there all day… but alas… there was a constant drip from the roof, falling just outside the door.

Everything was fine until the sun went down. That’s when Jesus or someone decided to build an invisible skating rink in the 8 feet between my husband’s car and me.


I was so lucky! Had I been moving quickly, I might have totally wiped out, a’la surfer style. BTDT more than a few times. If you haven’t, all I can say is that the terror of not knowing which way is up or down while you’re face-planted in the sand below the surface of tons of water that’s in constant motion is something special. What can I say? I was a risk taking kid.

But back to last night…

I might have slid into traffic (go ahead and laugh at the thought! I did! I mean, after the initial concerns about anything being broken.)

No telling what could have happened!

Instead, I slammed into pavement with the most ample part of my body, then rolled backwards onto my head.


Also, embarrassing. All the fuss. Of course, I jumped up (kinda) and said, “I’m okay!”

Sheesh. Dumb much?

But… here’s the question I’m left with…

What was -is- the lesson?

What did -do- I need to learn in this accident?

I have no idea.

My hiney *really* hurts. Mostly when I stand up, sit down, or move. Otherwise, I’m cool.

Head okay, no bumps, no pain. No concussion. Thank goodness!

You know how I feel about everything happening for a reason!

What’s the reason for this experience????

Darned if I know!

If I figure it out I’ll let you know!

You have any ideas? Your thoughts and comments welcome!


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