Me to We – Hot Potato!

February 8, 2022

Who knew that this subject would *still* be such a “hot potato”? Not me… but I should have known. Why? Because it pretty much ALWAYS IS.

This week, there was a protest in Ottawa. Truckers from both sides of the border (US & Canada) stopped everything citywide in their protest of all-things Covid. Some are anti-vaxxers, others anti-government, and yet others still are just plain sick of the lockdowns. While there seem to be more conservative protestors than liberal (as seen from my comfy armchair) the bigger picture is of “a whole” that crosses party (and core belief) lines.

I saw a meme this morning that said something like, “Ottawa is complaining because their businesses have been closed for nearly two weeks. Try being restaurants across the country that have been closed for two YEARS.”

I hear and sympathize. Truth there.

This whole pandemic has been brutal for many, life-altering for even more. Life-ending for some.

Is there any middle ground? Seems not to be.

What still remains – for thoughtful folks – comes back to the premise of this book…

Me to We.

Such a simple concept to understand. Difficult to implement.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

We excel at making a living but often fail at making a life. We celebrate our prosperity but yearn for purpose. We cherish our freedoms but long for connection. In an age of plenty, we feel spiritual hunger. – David G. Myers

If there’s one thing I’ve figured out in the last three years or so, it’s that the mention – no, the merewhisper – of anything political will get me one of two responses: crickets or pickets.

(Yes, I was trying to be clever with the rhyme. I think I pulled it off. )

What you need to know before you read further: I am irritated. No, more than that. I am angry. Pissed off! Hurt and Horrified – both capitalized for emphasis. I’ll discuss this more at the end of this post.

(Deep breath)

Do you know that I’ve written two “Hot Potato” posts that I…

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