Bio Moment – X-Rays, Apples & A Lonely Ball

After my nasty fall on Sunday evening (details HERE) I was trying to heal on my own. The reasons are many but boil down to about one or two: I didn’t (don’t) want to make waves at work… and … I didn’t (don’t) want to make waves at work.

Yeah, I know that’s only one reason stated twice but that’s how important it was … is… to me to … uh … not make waves at work.

I am not a litigious person by nature even though yes, I am from California, which is among the top ten most litigious states in the US.<<< I know this because I went and looked:

FFCJ said the 10 most litigious states are New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, Michigan, Connecticut, and California. “This report from the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice regarding the state of tort litigation across America is particularly important to board directors. Link

I’m only mentioning litigation because that’s what seems to worry folks, though nobody has said it out loud. It’s the *very last thing* I would *ever* want to do!

However, I was still hurting pretty bad after four days and had to reconsider whether or not I should visit a doctor. Wasn’t gonna… but upon sober reflection realized I should (my mother giving a “gentle” push didn’t factor in at all – LOL!). So, yesterday, I went to see my doctor. She gave me some muscle relaxants and a prescription for an x-ray, just to make sure I’m not broken. I went for them today.

I’m praying my hiney and back are just bruised and I can continue on my merry way at work. Here’s the thing… It’s been a long time since I made a good paycheck and not gonna lie – it feels pretty good. I’m also enjoying being there. Although… the dew is definitely off the rose and the honeymoon is over… cause when all is said and done… it’s a job. It’s much like my customer service days at the bank. Only more so. An observation: Nothing riles up people quicker than their money, or lack thereof. And in *these* times… these feast or famine pandemic days… peeps are stretched and stressed to the max. But yes, once again, I digress.

So, anyway, had my back and hiney x-rayed today. Wish me luck on that one!

Afterward, I went in search of a few things, including photos. But I got stopped along the way.

Here’s what happened: I went to the mall because they have a bookstore with a Starbucks and I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I thought I’d get a Chai Tea and a slice of lemon loaf (my fave). I reasoned that the bookstore is on the other side of the mall and I would walk off the calories. Excellent plan, right?

But on the way, I ducked into a sports store that’s actually a part of our retail family (through work)… and they were having a sale.

I have wanted a Fitbit for eons but have been afraid. Thanks, health anxiety! There’s a whole bunch I could say about that… mostly about how I’m working very hard to “do it” (whatever *it* is) afraid.

For example: I have bi-weekly Covid tests at work. They are mandatory.

At first, my blood pressure would rise and I would sweat like a hog. I hate, hate, HATE medical tests. Why? Because that’s how you can find out you’re dying. Not that we all aren’t. I mean… life… death. Kinda comes with the territory. But anyway, such is life for someone with health anxiety.

Anyhow, I worried that a Fitbit would give me too much info that I didn’t want to be faced with every moment of every day. But I’m feeling better about that prospect lately, as I mentioned over the summer. My daily walks set me up for success, I tell ya!

Annnnnd… being honest… it wasn’t really a Fitbit that I wanted. I actually wanted an apple watch. They are so expensive. I did recently get a bonus and hadn’t decided where to spend it.

Until today!

There was a sale on Apple watches, plus I get a discount, plus I get rewards points that equal cold hard cash!

Here it is!!!

I am “doing it afraid” and hope it doesn’t tell me I’m dying from anything!

Or maybe I should say that if it does, I will be a big girl and take care of whatever it is. I mean, seriously! Health anxiety SUCKS.

After that purchase, I continued on to the bookstore, which was closed from the mall entrance, and that meant I’d have to go outside to go around. I decided it wasn’t important enough and came home…

But I took a little detour for photos.

While it is cold and stormy today with tons of leftover snow, the sun came out briefly while I was visiting this lovely campus. Look how gorgeous!

This last one made me laugh… that poor ball looks so lonely and out of place! Or like a severed head, screaming with that big O mouth. Yeah, I’m a weirdo!

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