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March 5, 2022 – A wee note about reblogs.

While they are in chronological date order, I don’t share every post I’ve ever written. I skip some. In fact, so far, I’ve only shared book posts as reblogs, no Bio Moments or Easy like Sunday or Poetry posts.

Books… it’s where I started and where I’ll end. At least, blog-ily speaking.

Still, it would be kinda neat to take some of my more personal posts and do a “Before and After”… what I’ve learned and that kind of thing. I think I’ll keep that idea in my cap for later.

Kinda funny, since this particular post discusses both the book and my personal life, as so many of them do!

Everything connects with everything, which connects with everything else. One big ball o’ wool. Maybe not so compact. Maybe there’re knots of new colored yarn, rolled in. There are other, fluffier bits… and coarser, too, woven throughout.

Such is life, eh?

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Two hours ago, I sat down to write this post. I got it started and then remembered that I wanted to download my Instagram content, so I popped over there and 45 minutes later, was still working on getting the folders with my photos organized.

Ah, such is the life of a person with ADHD. What does it have to do with this post? Almost nothing… which is kinda the point. I mean, about ADHD, not being an empath.

You may or may not know that I rarely just sit down and write off the top of my head. I almost always read through the book again… skim, really… make some notes about what I’d like to write, jot down quotes, get links I’ll need from amazon and check to see if the book is listed on Goodreads and see what other people think of it. <<< I do…

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  1. You know, I don’t? Actually, I’ve been thinking that in order to keep things in balance I should be actually saying (okay, writing) “I love you” back to you more. Or, if I want to be kitsch, “I love you more.” Which I clearly could not and, besides, doesn’t that answer make you puke a little? 🙏👌🤣👯

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  2. There’s a he-uuge difference ~ your personal notes take up not much of a reader’s consciousness when we’re done with where you were going ~ and, far from being self indulgent rants, they’re always so humble and sweet a totally topical lead-in to your subject that I, for one, find myself lost in admiration that you’d make yourself a doormat for your own self that way just because it’s going to make everyone else laugh and roll their eyes and go, “uh-huh ~ yup, me too!”

    Gee, I must have missed this post first time around ~ never would have let you get away with reblogging it (oh, wait, I’m not, really, am I? Well, at least not unscathed…) 😚😚😚☺️🤗

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