Bio Moment – Things & Stuff

Where does the phrase, “Things & Stuff” come from? In *our house* it came from Tess. You’ve heard about her before. She’s the cat that saved my life. No small task to carry on her furry shoulders.

I’ve talked about her quite a lot around here. She was very talkative and of course we understood every word! Sometimes, when we asked her what she was doing… she simply said, “Things & Stuff”.

Tess is my featured photo today!

So, today, I’m writing about Things & Stuff. 

Also, I miss Tess more than I can say. She was the sweetest, most trusting cat and companion. But I digress.

The first thing I’m going to share is that I saw the doctor and got some antibiotics this morning. I’m looking forward to my sinuses feeling much better soon! It helps that today was a glorious 64 degrees – and here in my area of Canadaland, that means I saw people in SHORTS! It felt a little cool to me but for the second day in a row, I left my winter coat at home, Halleluiah! Not quite dry and warm enough to walk in my forest yet… but very soon!

The second thing I’d like to share is that I FINALLY get to see my mother after 4 years!

You may remember that our last visit was the last one with Dad, who passed away last year (2021). I wasn’t even able to get there for his celebration of life or anything else, so this is a VERY important visit. I’m so, so happy that I’ll be with Mom for Mother’s Day! I also have a tentative plan to be with my youngest daughter and grandson for Thanksgiving this year! It will be the first US Thanksgiving in 20 YEARS that I get to spend with family. I hope – somewhere in the middle of the year – to get to my other kiddos, who are actually not kiddos any longer. You know what I mean.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed because we’ve been told the requirement for a PCR test to get back into the country will be lifted on April 1st. Here’s hoping! That will ease my travel anxiety so much!

I’m only able to do stuff like this because I am working. I feel so incredibly lucky to have this job. It’s not a special job – like most jobs, it’s really just a job, lol.

The company, though? Stellar! This is me today at work, in fact. I like it here.

This brings up another point … it’s about my Year of Mindfulness. I screwed up at work… badly. At least, I think so.

And I find I’m doing it too often. Heck, once is too often!

I gave a customer the bum’s rush this afternoon … wait… using that expression is probably very derogatory. That never occurred to me until this moment!


I hurried someone along when I shouldn’t have. Because I wasn’t being mindful (I was doing several things at once and had something else on my mind too- uh, this post! Addendum to last bit: Don’t be thinking of blog posts at work! Which is my point! Mindfulness = think about WORK at work!).

I pushed the wrong button and therefore, logged the customer out of the system. Rather than own up to it, I didn’t give the level of customer service I should have. I didn’t ask if he needed anything else and suggested he call back in the morning.

I feel terrible about it now. 

And worse? It lingered… and I was worried about it… so when the next person called in and was snippy… I got snippy right back.

Folks, I am known for my kindness and professionalism! I’ve only been there five months and already I’ve received exemplary reviews and two raises!

I’m actually ashamed. This is not who I am!

(Or maybe it is?)

Shame. First place I go.

Also, not that this should matter, but they do record every call and listen. One bummy call might get passed by… but two in a row? Not so much. Wish me luck on that!

That means I’m three months into my Year of Mindfulness and clearly having some issues.

*double sigh*

So, that’s my life as it stands. 

How’s life in your corner of the world?

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