Sorry Not Sorry – Deal With It!

Sorry Not Sorry by Alyssa Milano is a delightful romp into sunshine and unicorns.

Not really.

What it is … is… a collection of essays, both powerful and poignant, about… oh… life.

Another “P” word that makes a showing: Politics.

If you’ve been on any social media over the last several years, and have followed Milano, all these P-words will not surprise you.

She is a vocal advocate of all things important, at least in my world.

Some folks hate her. I was going to share a link… but why? We all know what this means.

Some folks love her. I love her!

She’s sung, she’s danced, she’s acted, she’s advocated.

And, she writes. Quite well… although I admit a bias because I like her so much. It’s not scholorly writing… no… but it is engaging and incredibly readable.

I am reminded of another fave memoir-er of mine… and I always blush a little when I admit it… Tori Spelling. I have read (or listened to) all the books she’s ever written because … I love them! I know, right? I’m so NOT her demographic! But a funny thing happens when you open your heart and mind to new ideas…

Which brings us back to Milano…

And life…

The last two years has been hell-on-wheels. I think we can ALL agree on that!

Pandemics (Oh! Another P word!) and politics lead the pack. (<<< Another p-word alert. Okay, I won’t say it again! LOL)

Wars and corruption.

Weathering storms of all sorts, including the actual weather.

As my kids would say, it’s a fustercluck. Actually, they’d say the actual word. Did you know it’s in Merriam-Webster? <<< Check out the link. Not lying.

At the same time, more children than ever are struggling with ADHD, Autism and myriad other disorders, all while figuring out what it means to be a human. (Link from Scientific American, for crying out loud!)

Adults are taking more meds than ever before for mental health reasons. (Link from Harvard, for crying out loud to the second!)

Fustercluck, indeed.

In the midst of this, Milano dares to share her truth, come hell or high water.

I respect that.

I used to be like her… they called it being a “big mouth” back then… and it’s darned-near impossible to go backwards, now that I’ve curated my personality into neat little boxes.

Can I be Milano when I grow up? Oh yeah, I’m 15 years older than she… and half as brave. Tough times for old ladies. But I digress.

Milano shares about experiences as personal as miscarriage, her son’s birth story, and family life …

… to our shared stories of mortality snd life on planet earth … with all that entails.

Yes, there is talk of “Me too” and Trump, as you knew there would be. And she’s Sorry Not Sorry to share her thoughts.

This book, actually, reminds me of this blog… in that she goes all over the place. Some of her writing is deeply personal and almost feels like a journal entry. Others, written to get you, the reader, thinking.

This is not a book about her acting life, though it’s been… prolific. (See link on her name above that goes to her IMDB page.) You won’t find suds here… and you didn’t expect to…

I like a lot of actors and have bought many memoirs throughout the years. I have two half-finished memoirs that mock me on my bookshelf… both written by famous women. I just stopped reading in the middle of them. They’ve been there – waiting to be finished – for two years. Neither is poorly written or boring. They’re just… oh, I don’t know… not… something. I can’t put my finger on what that *something* actually is.

This book IS something. Really something! I loved it and found… encouragement and inspiriation.

At the very least, I’m thinking about how I use my voice.

Highly recommend.

PS: Lots of blue language in this one. To me, each and every time… it fit. You may not agree. If you’re easily offended… this may not be the book for you. Or maybe it’s the perfect one. Know what I mean?

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