Easy like Sunday – Harder than it has to be!

Funny story!

I have a locker at work where I keep personal items.

I brought in an old padlock and key that nearly gave me a ________________ (fill in the blank with hernia, heart attack, or stroke) to close. Opening was OK… I just had to press super hard to get the darned thing to close and lock! Seriously, worked up a sweat and cursed the blasted thing on Thursday last week.

So, I bought a new lock on Friday and brought it into work today.

It came with three keys on a wire loop, and the loop was locked onto the… uh… lock, which was (of course) also locked.

I removed one key and went about removing the other two. They were easy but getting the looping off the lock would prove difficult.

I put my fingernail between the wire looping and pulled hard… but it wouldn’t budge. I pulled, prodded and begged the thing to get off the lock.

It looked like this artist’s rendering- lol

Friends and readers, I wrestled what that thing for a full 10 minutes before it hit me.

I … um … could… uh…


… and it would slide right off.

I’m not kidding.

This little story illustrates A LOT of my life.

Jus’ sayin’!


  1. Such a great observation, Mom!

    I remember when my engineer daughter took auto shop (in college) and I thought she was so wise because I have no idea how to change the oil! She thought I was being ridiculous for being proud… it was no biggie in her mind.

    Same with her engineering degree. However, it has less to do with patriarchy and more to do with the fact that I stink at math and am in awe of her mind. And of course I’m kind of biased since I sort of love her a lot!!! 💕

    PS: I chuckled at the scotch tape on the cereal box!! Been there! Lol


  2. Great story, Sherry! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into similar situations and ended up feeling like an idiot. Even with cereal boxes that clearly state “open here!” Actually had to.tape one together after several failed attempts. Ahh, we’ll ….. I’ll blame it partly on the patriarchy. It taught many of us women from infancy on that we simply don’t understand how to solve problems using logic, and that we can’t open anything from a pickle jar to a car door. (My bow to feminism for the day!) Obviously, kinda, sorta kidding, but …. our anxieties and self-doubts so often reflect a mixture of the inner and outer messages we receive throughout our lifetimes!


  3. You’re a writer! I can’t count the funny stories I’ve read on here about showing up early/late/not at all, turning in the wrong damn direction, friendly acquaintances suddenly not so friendly after having been walked past in a fog… You get it, right? Go easy on yourself. A SERIOUSLY stupid moment is the way your mechanic looks at you while telling you the vehicle that was sold to you as a 1990 is actually a 1999 (this happened to me two days ago) 🤯😆


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