Mind Over Mood – First, you must understand the problem

This is one of the best books on rising above brokenness I’ve ever read! And it hurts like hell to read this post even though it ultimately brings help and hope.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Mind Over Mood by Dennis Greenberger, PhD and Christine A. Padesky, PhDis the perfect self-help book, if by self-help you mean actually doing stuff to … you know… help yourself.

I got it five years ago – during 2014: The Year of Pain.

It was after the last time I saw my regular therapist (Amy). It would (in fact!) be the very last time I’d see her as I didn’t even have the (incredibly generous sliding scale) fee to pay her.

Looking back, as I often do in this blog space, I realize I’ve spent most of my adult life under an umbrella called “The Kindness of Others”… and 2014 was actually the year I learned – was forced? – to step up and take care of myself. I know this sounds strange coming from an adult (and an older one, at that!) but it’s true. Hindsight is…

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