Runes – Another neat thing to toss into your self-help kit

I haven’t had Runes – actual Runes – until recently, though I did have rune(s) cards (thanks to Mom!). I liked the cards a lot but always wanted an actual set too. Now, I have them!


Let’s begin at the beginning…

What are Runes? (Thanks to Google in advance!)


Learn to pronounce


plural noun: runes

  1. a letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet.
    • a mark or letter of mysterious or magic significance.
    • small stones, pieces of bone, etc., bearing runes, and used as divinatory symbols.”the casting of the runes”

My set isn’t any kind of bone. Thankfully! I hope they don’t make bone runes anymore! Yikes!

My set is a comprised of round wooden coin-sized pieces and came in a blue velvet bag with a page of instructions. I’ll be honest saying that I can’t remember where I got them. Sorry! Can’t link them!

They’re very easy to use, as evidenced by the short instructions. Here are the basics, as interpreted by me:

Say a prayer or meditate or just think of something that you want an answer about.

Put the runes in the bag -or not. Grab one or a few. Put them in a pattern – or not. (there are a few examples on the paper that was included!) See chart with meanings of each symbol.


For example, I put my runes in the velvet bag, shook it up a little, and pulled one out.

I had asked, “How is my life unfolding?” Just for a test, you know.

Here’s what I got…

I noticed lots of femininity in this rune. There’re also hidden things, guidance and new beginnings. Yay!

I also noticed that above outcome it says “Perthro” and looked that up:

“The cup of Perthro represents fertility, mystery, and all things hidden. The hand of fate, through Karma or divine predestination, is showing itself strongly in one’s life.”(From

I love that it’s so feminine, especially given what’s been happening with my body lately.

I think this rune is trying to tell me that I’m gonna be okay.

Like all modalities, I believe that the messages are sent to us – or come from – the inside, not outside ourselves.

Ultimately, searchers like me are always looking for healing and beauty in the messages we receive and will get them, if that’s the energy we put out.

In the last few days, I put out some gnarly energy… lots of fear and confusion. Still, had I listened to some inner wisdom, I might have carried a different message.

For instance, when I was having the ultrasound on the cyst in my breast, I noticed that it hurt when she pressed on it. My doctor has told me (many times) that cancer doesn’t hurt until the end and that if my breast lumps are hurting they are most likely cysts. I thought of it but I pushed it out of my mind because it didn’t fit with the narrative of my health anxiety, which told me I was dying. This all happened behind the scenes – subconsciously.

My mindfulness journey of 2022 was also thrown out the window. Had I been mindful I would’ve noticed and moved forward more positively.

My husband encourages me not to beat myself up … especially when it comes to my health. I keep trying to act like I don’t have health anxiety and am always surprised when it overtakes me.

I need to deal in reality or at least in the kindest way possible towards myself.

So yeah, runes are just one option in a world of options for learning about yourself inside-out.

There may be a little bit about messages from God, too. He or She is way bigger than any of us can imagine. Who knows? Maybe runes are the ultimate language of the gods!

I think they’re beautiful and I love the message I got! If you have runes and you get a message, please share it with us! if you’ve never tried them and get some for yourself, please let us know!

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