“stories” – Almost healed!

April 19, 2022

Ah, I was recovering from hand surgery. I could go into a whole *thing* here because only three years later, I need the surgery again. Or not, because I’m not gonna do it! If it didn’t work the first time, no use having them cut into me a second time trying to get it right. Am I right?

This book was/is a good one… again, one I might have written myself. I really should do that. But I digress.


The Self-Help Whisperer®

Ah, well… my hand isn’t 100% but it’s about 80%. I can type! Woo hoo! So, here come more books and fewer photos… but of course, I’ll keep doing both! Onward!

stories by Heidi Allen (lower case on purpose, as that’s how the title is written on the book!) is a book of… well, stories. It is billed as an anthology on amazon but it’s really a collection, for those of us annoyingly accurate, possibly to our detriment. But I digress.

This book is wonderful!

Allen is the founder of The Positive People Army.You can imagine that the book will then be filled with stories that extol that virtue… and you would be right. But before we get to that point, every story has a real live human (Heidi) talking about real-life problems, some not of her own making and some… of!

(Just a note: Their website needs…

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