Health Journey (Cont.) 2022 – First Warmish Day = First walk of the season!

I knew it would be tough… seeing as I haven’t walked for six months. Well, that’s not exactly true as I tried walking about a month ago. It was freezing cold still – but sunny. Kinda. Anyway, I walked for about ten minutes and knew I was in trouble. That night, I had the worst shin splints EVER. Me and the cold, we don’t like each other so much.

Today, it’s a balmy 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Believe me when I say that in my neck of the woods, it’s practically tube top weather. Now, there I go again, dating myself. Does anyone even know what a tube top is? LOL

Early spring is an amazing time to be outside… the birds are chirping their little hearts out. We actually have a storm coming, so it’s breezy. The clouds look bright and fluffy, so far anyway. And people are out with their dogs or working on their yards. Glorious!

I walked about 1,500 steps for this first run and it feels right. Last year, when I started this whole thing, I started at 1,000 steps and ended up at an average of about 3,750 daily. This year, I hope to get to 4,000, especially since I’ll be starting earlier in the year and have more time (last year began in June). If I can lose weight like I did last year — about 25 pounds — I would be a very happy camper, indeed!

I didn’t gain back the weight I lost – played with about 5 pounds all winter, though – up and down up and down- but feel about the same as I did at the end of last year’s walking season.

I’d like to share One GOAL I want to attain this year… and it has everything to do with my health anxiety. I’m nervous even telling you what it is… but feel I should for some accountability.

I plan to one day soon (!!!) turn on the heart monitor on my apple watch. I have added everything BUT that… including walk steadiness. I’m so proud of me for being brave! I have some work to do on the steadiness – it’s an indicator of falling within the year. Since I slipped on ice earlier this year and had x-rays on my hips and back, I know I have arthritis, which affects it, of course. I also have knees with problems and always have. For the last two decades, I’ve walked with… like… a tip to one side. Okay, I waddle. Not because I’m fat but because of all my skeletal issues. I used to blame it on my tipped uterus but I think that’s a stretch. Makes for a good story, though. LOL Several times today, I noticed I was not lifting my feet… shuffling a little… and that makes for easy tripping on raised sidewalks and things. I worked on this last year, too. It’s important I get back to being mindful while walking – for this reason more than any other!

Anywho, I want to turn on my heart monitor but I’m too afraid of what it will tell me. What it measures is heart rate and overexertion (that part isn’t as scary for me) it’s this next thing — skipped heartbeats (that part is SO scary!). As always, I wish I could explain what my health anxiety feels like around this. It ties in with catastrophizing, which I do automatically. It’s always a “funny” story how I can go from “heart skipped a beat” to “open-heart surgery, ribcage-busting, heart failure, death on the table” thoughts… but there you have it. That’s where I go. All from turning on the heart feature on my watch. So yeah, haven’t done it yet. But will. Giving myself until the end of summer to do it. Wish me luck!!

Okay… onward!

Today, I enjoyed the scenery around my neighborhood.

Here are some happy shots!

Three things I want to say about them…

  1. I love the “scarecrow” and corn because it’s literally a 3″ plot in front of their porch… I bet they’ll be surprised how big those suckers get!
  2. Don’t forget the bees! They LOVE dandelions, so don’t mow them down!
  3. I love folks who welcome diversity in such a visual way!

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