Bio Moment – Back up before going forward?

Twice, in the span of 20 minutes on my way to work, I was cut off. Once, in the driveway of Starbucks. The other time, on the road while turning left. In both cases, it looked like the featured photo.

When something happens twice it gets my attention!

You’ll ask…

Does EVERYTHING ****mean something **** ? If you’ve been around here any length of time you’ll know that my answer is a resounding YES! 😊


Some things to consider…

  • Am I feeling out of place or in the way?
  • Am I being as careful as I could be?
  • Am I somewhere I don’t belong?
  • Am I feeling penned in?
  • Blindsided? Cut off? Nervous? In danger?
  • Could there be any significance to things coming from my right side or hitting me on the left?


I AM feeling penned in by the weather. I’ve waited all winter to get back out for my daily walks and have gotten to walk only one time so far… two days ago. Why? Because after one warm-ish day… FROST! My lungs and legs HATE the cold. I also had a nasty slip & fall earlier this year and do not appreciate “slippery”.

I AM feeling nervous about flying for the first time since the pandemic. I’m finally getting to hug my mother … after not getting to see my dad before he passed. Or after. Not so worried about the flight itself as the prep (still need a COVID test- double ugh!) and the whole mask sitch. I’ll wear one but don’t want to be threatened for doing so, you know?

Then, I have to ask…

Am I somewhere I don’t belong? Not according to the little sign I put up at my desk!

Am I feeling cut off? Feeling very cut off from all of my family but that’s nothing new. Plus, I’m starting to do something about it by travelling!

Left? Right? I’m dominant right but my left eye is better. Heart’s on the left… anything with that? Nothing comes up. How about the political spectrum? I guess that might fit in with the travelling, given how things like mask wearing have become political.


I’ve actually been feeling quite depressed in the mornings. Hardly want to move… and why should I? It’s been dark and gloomy, cold, and the cats are snuggled up against me.

Is it about that?


Move out of the way? I didn’t mention that in both cases today, I had to back up before I could go forward.

That’s an interesting thought! Back up before going forward.


Move? Yes.

Back up… to what?

Before I go forward…

I’m not sure where to go with this now.

Any thoughts?


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