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May 3, 2022

I love reblogging because I can read my posts from the past all over again, which reminds me of books, good and bad. Sometimes, I want to pull the book out and read it again. In the case of THIS one? Yes, I wanted to but no, I can’t. That’s because I no longer have it. It’s gone, gone, gone with the winds of one of my most recent purges.

I wish I had every book I’ve ever owned right here in my little library. It would – however – be a HUGE library, which is why I purge books in the first place.

I have a kid with boxes of books in storage. I say, “What good are they THERE?” She laughs at me.

I used to be such a slob… I really did! I’m still not the tidiest person you know. But I’m 100% better than I used to be. Part of that comes from purging *stuff*. Books included.

Oh… sigh. Feeling a little nostalgic for the olden days when I had a whole house to fill with my stuff. I had the coolest lawyer’s case with a glass front.

Oh, who cares? I mean, really?

Anyway, this book is good. As you’ll read… I could have written it myself.


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“What do you think is the main thread or theme of your life?.” – Carol Adrienne

The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne is one of a million billion kazillion books about finding … yes… the purpose of your life.

Adrienne is the co-author of The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide which goes along with the original The Celestine Prophecy <– link to my post. I used to have the guide but got rid of it in one of my (in)famous purges. It was pretty-much a deeper dive into already deeply-dove-en (ha! I know that’s not a word) waters.

Who is Adrienne? Welp, she’s a Ph.D. numerologist and life coach. That’s interesting and a little different, right?

And this book has one of those fancy gold stickers that says: As seen on Oprah. So yeah, there’s that.

The theme of the book is tapping into your…

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