Happy Mother’s Day!

Am I lucky and blessed beyond all reason? I get to spend the first Mother’s Day in years with MY MOM!

Seeing her is a gift I cannot adequately express.


She made ME breakfast today!

We have four days before I travel home and plan to have lots of meditation, tapping, watching movies, scrabble, shopping, yummy food and restful, relaxing moments!

We meditated and tapped together this morning! ❤️

The trip here was the nightmare I expected. Let nobody tell you that post COVID travel from Canada to the US is an “only somewhat” more difficult trip.

As if!

Also, I may have attracted it, since I never expected it to be easy. What do you think of that?


Spoke to my oldest daughter already. Middle daughter sent pictures and texted. Said she’ll be calling later. I talked to my son last night, as always (we talk every Saturday. He’s autistic and devoted to schedules!).

My husband and cats are hanging out as he took the same vacation days!

In short, life is good. I hope yours is, too!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely women out there who mother others, whether they birthed them, or not!


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