What’s Stopping Me From Being Happy? – Newbie Must-Have!

I first saw What’s Stopping Me From Being Happy? by Lisa Ellis on my Facebook timeline.

Although I’ve taken down my professional FB page, I kept my personal one. Throughout the years, I have gravitated toward like-minded friends, as they have gravitated toward me. Because of that, I have “met” some spectacular friends that I’ve never actually met in person. Lisa Ellis is one of them. We’ve never chatted privately – at least, not until I wrote asking if she’d graciously provide a reviewer’s copy of her book for me to read and review. She obviously said YES! I’m usually requested to review a book not the other way around! This is only happened one time before! I’m so glad I reached out!

Let me begin by saying that THIS BOOK IS GREAT FOR SELF-HELP NEWBIES! It has EVERYTHING you will need to navigate the self-help map… and then some!

Being honest, I was a little concerned with the word “Happy” in the title. I mention this because I know I am not alone in this…

I took Psychology classes in high school (and beyond, but I have a reason for mentioning this class). I distinctly remember a conversation about “Happiness” and how it’s overrated and unnecessary. The teacher was so cool and intelligent. I remember he was a psychologist and coach. Loved kids, loved to talk, loved to make us think.

At the time, the notion of NOT seeking “happiness” felt like the most profound thought in the world. I mean, it made such a huge impact that I am remembering it 45 years later! And, I carried that belief with me throughout the years and added to it… to include the thought that happiness comes from the outside and joy comes from the inside.

Re: Ellis’s book, I believe the words “happiness” and “joy” are interchangeable. Most of what you’ll work on will be inner work, and yes, some from outside yourself. All of it equals WHOLENESS. Ultimately, isn’t that the best word of all?

I guess what I’m trying to say is … if you’re like me and the word “Happy” kind of turns you off initially, don’t let it keep you from reading! I promise, you WON’T be disappointed!

I’m reading from an e-book format. If you’re an online reader, that’s great, but I will say that this book is almost like a workbook, with plenty of space to write. And WRITE, you will! There are great exercises throughout! So, you may want the paperback or hardback version if you plan to write directly in the book.

With that preamble out of the way, I will say that I love where Ellis goes with this book! It’s EVERYWHERE! This kind of work is a MAMMOTH undertaking and SO WORTH IT!

Also, there are some neat things that even a seasoned ol’ Self-Help Whisperer can use – so it’s not just for newbies. I really LOVE this “Worthiness Mantra Circle” and I’m SOOO gonna make one of my own!

It’s a small book to pack so much punch! My e-book was under 150 pages!

Here is a rundown of what’s included:

  • Self Discovery
  • Forgiveness
  • Stress
  • Self-esteem
  • Positive Energy
  • Self Care
  • The Victim
  • Triggers
  • Meditation

See! I told you it was thorough!

I am SO GLAD that Lisa and I connected on Facebook and I was able to see her neat new book! This one is one for the bookshelves, folks!

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