Photo Journal – Oh, the places we’ve been!

Mom and I had a fantabulous week!

The plane ride to and from was okay, too… but getting to the tarmac on time proved to be a pain in the ass! That’s because there were two problems in particular. Both happened through a travel company that will not be named (for possible litigation reasons – I do NOT want to be sued, KWIM?).

What I WILL say is that I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER use an online travel service again. In case that’s not clear… NOT EVER! It’s either a travel agent I can see in person or right through the airline. I am NOT exaggerating the stress and hours (HOURS!) of hell I went through to get from here to there and back again. Not to mention the leg cramps that remain. My steps (which I’ve started counting again) for the two days in question were, however, phenomenal!

Anyway… ONWARD!

These photos are mostly of scenery. Mom is in a lot of pain most days and didn’t want her picture taken. Also, despite allowing me to talk about her here, she’s basically a very private person. So, I will be referring to the place she lives as The Pacific Northwest, as that’s where it actually is but also encompasses a huge swath through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of Montana.

It was cold and rainy where she is… typical for May. Oddly, my area, up by Niagara Falls, was hot and sunny all through the week. This coming week, it’s cool and rainy. Figures! LOL

Mom and I went hither and yon in search of parks and safe paths she might be able to walk after I left to go home. We went shopping and she found a beautiful solid wood coffee table for just that! She needed a little table in front of her couch for visitors to put their coffee. I bought her a Fitbit and some beauty goodies for Mother’s Day, which include a jade face roller and cucumber eye mask… both in the most beautiful shade of green. She LOVES her Fitbit and is now keeping track of her heart rate, steps, and sleep from her arm! She also encouraged me to turn on my heart rate and sleep on my Apple Watch, which you may remember I’m trying very hard to do, thanks to health anxiety! Not quite there yet.

And, as we all knew she would, she had me meditating and tapping daily. I have to say, I downloaded both apps (Calm and The Tapping Solution) and did it by myself this morning. 🙂

Other than that, we had great conversations, fantastic food (which she mostly made for me!), and lots of relaxing time watching movies she wanted me to see (The Glass Bottom Boat – if you haven’t seen it and love 1960s comedy – you must!), and television she saved (Death in Paradise, Shakespeare & Hathaway, even some Murder She Wrote!). We sat down at the table to try some i ching (which told me I’d have a better trip home than coming), and a day and a half or so of driving around, then getting out and looking at stuff and things. To that end, here are some of the views…

Then there are things with meaning…

Mom made the goddess – not for me – but gifted it to me when I told her how much I loved it! Dad created the wood pieces, now in my home. He also built the birdhouse that brings back a feathered family every year! And, Dad’s ashes, which I was finally able to touch… to speak to… to say goodbye.

Flowers were just starting to bloom… so beautiful!

Now, about my featured photo…

It was taken in the middle of a compass. You may remember how much I love compasses!? In fact, I wrote a post about one my mother got for me after I saw my parents in 2018 – HERE. Such depth of meaning… especially since it was from Mom. Love, love, love compasses! It made perfect sense to jump in the middle of it when my mom asked if I’d like a picture. So, there ya go!

And finally, after having gotten up at the UNGODLY hour of 3:45 am to catch a shuttle back to the airport…

Touching down in Toronto at 10:45 pm…

After a wonderful trip!


I would put up with all the stress a million times over… just to hug my mom!!!


  1. Aren’t those Jade rollers amazing? I took up the practice after I could start feeling that facial massage was becoming counterproductive due to thinning skin ~ I get that same feeling of tight firmness with the roller in a fraction of the time, next to no effort, and no ill effects on thinning skin. The stones and rocks have so much for us.

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