Bio Moment – Use Your Voice

Not to toot my own horn or anything … but I could sell you sand in the desert.

Not kidding! 

I’ve been told I’m a natural salesperson. Also … uh … also have a few awards to prove it!

That said, I used to believe it was my sparkling personality.

Yeah, stop laughing! 

The point is… I have now come to a different conclusion. Let me explain…

I began my current job last November, helping customers navigate their credit card statements and chatting with them about other exciting credit-related issues.

Once a month, my supervisor listens in on my calls and twice monthly I have meetings with him to discuss my calls and progress.

I also get a scorecard with results in the categories of time management, customer satisfaction and call control, including comments from surveys conducted randomly with cardholders after our call.

In these meetings – and straight from our customer’s mouths – I have learned that my voice is the #1 indicator of my success!

I’m told that I am easy to understand, articulate well, and convey compassion and empathy.

No wonder I was so good at sales!

Now, before I get all ego-y and my head swells, I haven’t always lived up to my hype. In fact, immediately before my trip to see my mother earlier this month, I was actually snippy and short with a few customers. And, to my embarrassment I must admit … it’s not the first time it’s happened. I just got lucky in past months… anyone I might have pissed off didn’t get a survey after our call … or perhaps didn’t care.

See, I had allowed stresses to *get to me*. This too is not new. ☹

This week, I was thinking about all the ways I use my voice. I remembered how snotty I was to anyone who would listen throughout my travels that week going to and from Mom’s. I thought of the innocent people just trying to do their jobs. I thought about how I’ve been gobsmacked by mean customers at my job.

And then I saw the words on the featured photo while I was scrolling through Pinterest.

I knew I had to capture them and put them right in front of my face… especially at work. So, I did that in my own way… by drawing the letters and coloring them in!

For the last several days, I have been reminded repeatedly to be kind with my voice. The fact that I wrote it out myself and took the time to color it makes it stick even more.

Is there a message you need to remember? I strongly encourage you to do whatever it takes to make that message stick. It really has made a difference in all my chats this week!


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