Bio Moment – The Value of Money & Wardrobe – Finding Balance

Before I went to work yesterday, I stopped at a discount book warehouse. I drop by once or twice a year to grab an armload of (mostly) self-help books to write about here.

Generally, they’re a little behind the times. By this I mean, books come to rest in this place after they’ve lost their cachet. While they may be former bestsellers, more likely they’re not-bestsellers. Sometimes, they’re bummer books, written by B-list celebrities and quack doctors. Obviously, I’m looking for the best of the bunch and have been lucky to find some!

Yesterday was a so-so day. I did find Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet in the classics section and have wanted to read it for ages, so I picked it up. I also found a fun book that my son and I can peruse through. You remember he’s autistic and we talk once a week about current events and personal stuff… then we play games over the phone (quizzes we write or find online)… and sometimes, we just read excerpts to each other from books we like. He loves his Bathroom Readers. I find weird stuff like… well… yesterday’s find: The Titanic Awards – Celebrating the worst of travel. Yeah, it’s real. See here —> HERE.


Lately, the stores I visit are not providing bags. If I’ve forgotten to grab one before I go in, I’ll purchase one of the snazzy bags they have hanging around the register. This is what I did yesterday. There were hooks and hooks of cute bags but of course, the cat (from the featured photo) jumped out at me. It was $2,99, which is about par for the course. So, I grabbed it and went to pay.

I’d picked up seven books. One from the scratch and dent section ($3 for the Titanic book mentioned above) and the rest from the general section of the store, which ranged from $5 – $15. All prices are discounted from the regular price.

I paid sixty-odd dollars and carried my books in the bag to my car. From there, I went straight to work.

During my first break, I went through my haul. As I lifted the bag, I noticed the price for the first time. That’s because it was on the back of the tag.

See, it’s a special kind of bag, with the proceeds going to reading programs for underprivileged children and adults. All that was written on the front of the tag.

On the back?


Not $2.99.

When I thought about it… that $60+ seemed a bit high for what I’d picked up!

How had I missed that?

Well… I’ll tell you how! I wasn’t paying attention!

I thought about taking the bag back but decided to keep it. I’d used it, after all, and it’s not like I won’t love it. Will it be something I throw in the back of my car like the other store bags? Uh, no! It is stronger and high quality for sure. $22 worth? Nope.

As a side note, it was on sale, which I noticed going through the receipt. $21.50. Big whoop. But I digress.

So yeah… kinda mad at myself.

What did I learn from this?

Money needs another look-see. Contrary to my former penny-pinching (out of necessity) self, I have become someone who acts like money grows on trees. Clearly.

This brings up something else I’m working on, thanks to my mother. And, my husband.

My clothes.

I have been buying all my clothes at a local thrift shop for YEARS. In California, for the last several years anyway, I did the same.

Somewhere along the line, I simply stopped shopping at stores, except for underwear, obviously. I used to NEVER buy shoes at thrift shops but even lowered my standards to include them.

I think I got to the point where I didn’t think I deserved nice things.

When I went to visit Mom, she commented on my ill-fitting, mostly black clothes. I *had* bought some new things for the trip and assumed I was the same size as my thrift store finds, which of course have been washed and worn. Evidently, I’m an entire size smaller, or more. Some of the things were swimming on me, completely unwearable. No color. No personality.

Being honest, I’d basically run into Old Navy, picked up a few things and run out… no trying on for this girl!

My husband, who did the laundry while I was gone, also noticed my mostly black clothes and said something about it. He’s always telling me to take care of myself. What a hubby, eh?

So, I am sitting here typing in a brand new teal green t-shirt in a smaller size that fits like a dream, and yes, black sweat pants… but hey, I’m working on it.

Money is something I’ve talked about to death on this site but there’s a reason. I haven’t gotten it right yet.

Clothes are tied into that.

Worth is tied into both.

It’s a work in progress.

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