2 Minutes to Confidence- Gravitas

There’s a whole whack of books like 2 Minutes to Confidence by Corinne Sweet. I should know, I’ve read a bunch! I bet you have, too!

One thing jumped out at me and makes this book stand out… in my (not so) humble opinion:

  • It’s the word, “Gravitas” – According to Merriam-WebsterWe use gravitas to identify […] solemn dignity in men and women.” This is not a word I would normally ascribe to a book like this. Generally, these types of books are light and airy, suitable for a purse or pocket while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. However, in the chapter about “Social Confidence” not only is the subject weighty, but the literal word “gravitas” is used.

When looked at through the lens of Gravitas, this little book feels more important than most.

And I find that I like it more than most.

Not that I DISlike any in particular. I’m all for easy-peasy reading in a pinch… especially about subjects like confidence!

Sweet breaks down all different kinds of confidence: Body, Social, Dating & Sexual, Relationship, Work, Parenting and Confidence for Life.

Every chapter has a few exercises and some of them are similar to what you’ve read elsewhere.

Others, a nice surprise! One of my favorites touches me especially at this time of my life because I’m trying to REDEFINE my style.


Actually, that’s overstating it a bit because I’ve kind of lost my way.

Did I used to have style? Yes! I knew what lines suited me, the best haircut and shades (of reds, browns and blonds), and like many of my friends in the 80s, had scads of beautiful shoes.

Then one day, I stopped caring. 

I got tired of dying my hair. High heels were painful. Comfortable simplicity was my mantra. Or, maybe I should say, “Really, really comfortable” simplicity. As in, sweats, stretch pants and oversized t-shirts with athletic shoes or orthopaedic flip-flops.

I haven’t owned more than five pairs of shoes for a decade, at least. Truthfully one of those pairs is slippers and another snow boots.

Ahem. Anyway. 

This book has one really neat exercise that I’m gonna try. Let me know what you think! It’s called, “Be a Peacock” and here’s what you do…

Wear something totally different that makes you feel like a peacock. You know what that means! Right? Spread your feathers, head up, stand out in a crowd. But do it at home, in front of a mirror, alone at first. A trial run.

Didn’t we all used to do this as kids? It’s called, “Playing Dress Up” and according to this book, it’s underrated!

Try different fabrics, see how they feel against your skin. 

Try different colors, even in your hair. It can be temporary, or a wig! Just see how it looks and makes you feel.

Play with style and color! Preen!

I love that!

Many times throughout this book the words, “Act AS IF” are shared.

Frankly, I’ve always been perplexed by this phrase.

I remember hearing it many times throughout my life, especially when trying to save my first marriage.

Act as if your spouse is wonderful… your marriage is happy… your spouse is the love of your life.

In short: Pretend.

Sounded like a load of hooey to me!

See, I have this pesky integrity problem that doesn’t allow for experimentation like this…

Maybe I haven’t given this idea a fair chance?

Act as if I’m already stylish and confident!

Do you think it’s possible to raise our confidence by acting as if we have it already?

This little gem says it is!

Pretty weighty stuff! Don’t you agree?


  1. Though we are not encouraged to find it, there’s a different place for each of us where beauty and comfort meet. That’s our personal style, and, to me, it’s a big part of our gift to the world! Right now I have night cold, day heat, and extreme in-van posturing as well as disability and respectability to consider ~ yet more than one kind person here has told me they love how it ends up looking ~ even though it really is a little (or a lot) different than what’s expected of us right now in the way of rote identicality…

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