Faux Stained Glass – Mom finds the neatest stuff!

Once upon a time (in 2003) my mom presented me with a really different kind of coloring book … of “stained glass” drawings.

I immediately bought felt-tip pens to color them in.

They looked pretty in the book but I had a better idea!

They were, after all, modelled after stained glass, so I wondered how they’d look in a window? So I cut out the pages and glued them across the top and around the edges of our big kitchen window.

When the sunlight streamed in, so did all the beautiful colors!

I kept them there until we moved. They were pretty faded by then anyway.

I always wanted more but at some point, forgot about them.

That is, until my visit with Mom earlier this month, when she gave me two more! She thinks she’s had them since 2003. She kept another for herself… so we’ll both have beautiful windows!

Things like this may seem insignificant… but are really so important when discussing mental health and wellness!

Find your art – stained glass or not – and DO IT!

Any kind of art is good art, IMHO! Especially if it brings you joy!

And … you can do it alone or with others!

And … you can use any colors you want!

In fact, it’s like meditation with color!

Mom didn’t find hers on Amazon (she always finds the neatest stuff in little stores she visits) but I went searching online for you!

Here’s one to get you started: Stained Glass Flower Designs. Have fun shopping for more!

Here’s my newest in process!


  1. Color is self-healing par excellence!

    See if you can get a book by Darius Dinshah titled “Let There be Light.”

    The head nurse at the Women’s Hospital in his home city threatened to resign if she couldn’t use his techniques.

    The Post Office refused to mail his stuff.

    The FBI busted up his office…

    All of which tells you he had something goin’ on.

    I myself have seen some outrageous results from his methods ~ all DIY, right up your alley!

    I think there’s a Dinshah Society you may still be able to order it from ($11 hardcover 30 years ago ~ my god, it really has been that long! ~ when it and I crossed paths)

    Let there be light! 👩‍❤️‍👩🎉👯⛲🌄

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