Update on Bette ❤️🐾❤️

After several months on a special kidney diet, and the recent introduction of fish oil for joints, skin and fur, Bette has suddenly taken a turn for the BETTER!

A month ago, she was struggling for breath too often, seemed very confused, and looked terrible.

We consulted with her beloved vet (Dr. Chibbers) for an assessment on whether it was time to consider her final, peaceful journey.

To be honest, we were torn.

Some days, she seemed to rally. Others, she seemed to be asking for help.

Dr. Chibbers wanted to give her more time and an additional boost with fish oil.

After a few days, there was a marked difference!

She still has breathing issues with her soft pallet, and a little dementia (it took her a full week after I returned from holidays to realize things were back to normal!), and she is looking and acting more like the Ol’ Bette!

Cats are stoic. And resilient. Some might say stubborn. lol

She’s made up her mind and is sticking around for a while longer!

*A million YaYs*


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