A Poem: Reflection

What I’d like to talk about today is a self-help topic for the ages.


Everyone you meet reflects yourself.

Or, more simply put:


What do you think of that?

Here’s what I think…

I’ve had a really hard time with this concept lately, even though I believe it to be true.

Which makes me wonder if I’m having trouble with truth in general… or just this particular truth?

I started writing a poem to sort it out. Do you try different modalities to find something hidden? I’m telling you, it works!

This is what I came up with:


I see you there

With your head held high

Looking straight ahead

As you walk by.

You brush past me

I smell your perfume

Your face like stone

As you leave the room.

Another day

I smile at you

And you walk by

Like you always do.

And then one day

As you turn, I see

My own brown eyes

Looking back at me.

I lift my hand

And you do, too

And then I whisper

I love you!

How is it that

I’d thought, “Enemy”

When the face in glass

Was only me?


I thought I was writing a poem about a woman at work.

In a way, I *was*… just not the one I thought!

What do you think of that?


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