Lessons in Loss and Living – What would you do if you didn’t know better?

May 31, 2022

This book was perfect for me to write about at the time.

It has taken me six – almost seven – years to realize how devastating the losses of the last two decades have been to my psyche and wellbeing.

Books like this helped me to sort things out.

Small update about contacting my former sister-in-law (as mentioned in the original blog post below). I did reach out by leaving a voicemail and later, requesting her friendship on Facebook. She accepted and I wrote a private message expressing my sorrow at the loss of her husband. Almost immediately, she unfriended me. It stung. I guess too much water has gone under that bridge. It makes me sad but it’s probably for the best. You know how I feel about everything happening for a reason.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Oh yes, our old friend grief… again.


I typed “grief” into the search field of my blog and got this list. You can look if you want. I’ll wait.

(Cue peaceful muzak)

Yes, grief is a topic I know well. This time, it was brought on by the death of my former brother-in-law (my late ex-husband’s brother). We were all so young – once – and we two couples were very close. Every six months, we’d go back and forth. We got married, then six months later, they did. They had a baby, six months later, we did. Six months later, they did, then us, and back and forth. Four kids for them, three for us. This was the end result… oh, about thirty years ago.


Divorce is a bitch for everyone involved… even the outliers. In-laws and out-laws… isn’t that the truth? Sometimes, you can stay friendly…

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  1. ‘Kay, so, I think that what happened there is that that chick friended you just specifically to unfriend you after anything you might have said in between those two acts, and is not worth wasting much grief on at all. Jus’ sayin’ 🌟

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