Healing Magic – An inside job

June 4, 2022

Oh wow… I’d forgotten about this book. I said it was one of my Bibles and I haven’t picked it up for a year! Yikes!

This post encouraged me to find it… and I opened it to a “Home Spell” which helps you to find a perfect, magical home. We want to move SOOOOOOOOO bad – but it’s also SOOOOOOOOO expensive. Ugh. So, that’s kind of stopped us in our tracks.

Maybe it’s time for a home spell? Or prayer? Or just something that moves our need – our desire – forward.

Definitely a book I’ll be revisiting NOW! Such a neat one!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Are you afraid of words like “Witch,” “Herbal,” and “Chant”? Do the phrases “Conscious Living” and “Mother Earth” make you want to run in the opposite direction?

Then listen up, my friend, because I’ve got something special for YOU!

Robin Rose Bennett‘s Healing Magic is absolutely, positively a MUST READ for searchers, healers and those who ache for magic and enlightenment.

But it’s also a book for skeptics who wonder… who have an open mind… and I assume you all do or you wouldn’t be here reading my stuff… because… wow… I go all over the place! 🙂

This year, I’m delving deeper into the word HEALING … and I want CLARITY.

To be clear (that’s a pun, folks) … by “healing” I mean in every conceivable way! NOTHING is off-limits or off-topic as we take a deep dive into what it means to be a healthy…

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