Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall – Self Reflection

June 17, 2021

I really need to talk about this kind of thing more often. I certainly WATCH enough by and about beauty influencers!

One of my favorites is a series called “What’s Underneath” on a site called StyleLikeU. This particular site is all about inclusivity for not only all bodies but all PEOPLE. There, you will find… fat, slim, straight, queer, trans, non-conforming, artistic, wise, young, old, interesting, exquisite, complex, and soulful people.

The mom and daughter who run the joint are the kind of people you’d expect — which is — much like those they interview.

Be warned, everyone gets all the way down to their skivvies. And, it’s perfectly wonderful.

Here’s the link, if interested… https://www.youtube.com/c/StyleLikeU1

And then read this blog post… and book…

Also wonderful.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

What’s not to love about the premise of Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall by Kjerstin Gruys? Not much, me thinks!

In 2011, when she should have been excitedly planning her wedding, she instead found herself focusing on the SUPER high beauty standards we ALL see every day on Instagram and the blogs, vlogs and Facebook videos of beauty influencers.

Spreaking of blogs, Gruys writes one. To make it easy for you, it’s named after this book. Or rather, the book is named after the blog: Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall Blog. Please enjoy it at your leisure. 🙂

Oh, and just a little thing: She was getting married and looking for a wedding dress. And, she’d survived an eating disorder. No biggie. (As if!)

The result is a social commentary on beauty, weight (especially for women) and the quest for self-acceptance.

And yeah, I know a thing or…

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  1. This is so interesting ~ just the other day I was realizing that living rough for these last, what is it now, eons?, has disenhabited me from looking in mirrors.

    The only one I have available is tiny, aside from the iffy as well as partial images to be had from my minivan windows, and what I get from those in natural light disinclined me from looking again.

    So I tend to forget all about what I look like ~ and surprisingly enough, instead of rejecting me as an imperfect specimen, people seem to like me better for it.

    In asking myself why this would be so, I think there may be a certain anxiety missing from my expressions, facial, bodily and verbal, which would have been getting in the way of connection. A theory… 🤔

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