A Walk in My Forest – Following my heart…

I am sitting here happily sweating like a hog!

It’s hot, hot, hot and I have just returned from the longest walk so far this season!

It was my longest consecutive exercise, too… as evidenced by my green ring, which is all but closed! I’m so happy and proud! It’s not even noon yet! By day’s end, I may have all my rings closed. Wish me luck!

As I headed into the forest, I stopped to snap some flowers… the last photo looks like… is that jasmine? It sure smelled good!

Then, as I walked in, the temp dropped by… no kidding… about 10 degrees! It was so much cooler! And gorgeous, with all its little twists and turns… shade and shadow! Look at this!

At the other end, I found a new birdhouse! I love that there are birdhouses all through! I wish I could have brought my dad here! Mom, too, as she LOVES walks like this!

Later in the season, there’ll be kids in camps adding birdhouses and forts… and lots of squeals of mayhem and fun! That’s my fave time to walk here. But I wanted this first walk of 2022 to be just for me.

I walked from one end to the other and kept an eye on my pulse… no side trails or beach visits, which would have added steps. As it stands, I am just over 2,600. That’s okay… higher numbers will come later.

I drank 8 oz of water before and 8 after. Trying to keep hydrated!

I’m a happy girl today! I have followed my heart into the forest. I know I’ll be back again soon!


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