Bio Moment – Farewell Ruby

A car is not a sentient being.

Don’t worry… I know!

Still, Ruby has been a very important part of my life. Just look at this list of posts that have either featured (or mentioned) her! HERE

She leaves a legacy. And you KNOW how much I love that word!

Last night, as I drove home from work with her for the last time, I cried. I thanked her for all she has done for me…

And shown me…

Upon reflection, I realize that Ruby has represented…

  • LOVE – My husband picked her out for me
  • BEAUTY – She is the most beautiful vehicle I have ever owned… and that includes my “Mom’s Taxi” Chevy Lumina Van (circa 1993ish) in teal blue. That thing looked like a spaceship and carted around our family of five comfortably. She didn’t have a name. Pity. Ruby is the perfect color (mink, not brown!) and has swoopy, feminine lines. I loved her the moment my husband showed her to me. Which leads to …
  • WORTH – I never thought I deserved a car like her. Every single time I had a great car (and I mean throughout my life) they were ruined, sold for cash, or repossessed because we could not afford them (*ahem* see Chevy Lumina above). I have driven Ruby from day one until today, 9 years later, her natural retirement. My choice… and hers.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY – She is a heavy SUV, above the crowd, and has been solid, warm (or cool, in the summer) and mostly well-running from the day we got her.
  • ENERGY – No, she’s not a real girl (like Pinnochio-ette) but I do feel her energy and mine swirling together. It has made for an unstoppable traveling team!

And so…

It’s the end of an era!

Help me bid a fond farewell to Ruby, the bestest, safest, beautifulist, most fantastic vehicle ever!

Over the last two years, things have started to go… like the stereo system, badging, paint, key fob/security, hydraulics… and also appear… like the perpetual check engine light, even though she’s been seen by our mechanic 600 times.

Oh yes, there have been replacements and repairs… but they don’t seem to stick anymore. <<< Literally and figuratively.

Naturally, this means I have a new ride — with a whole new name and attitude!

Stay tuned!

Introduction and pictures to come!

PS: Ruby asked me to take her final photo in moody nighttime light so that she would look her best. Smart girl! I’ll miss her! ❤️


  1. Our own bodies are just meat till consciousness walks in ~ and hers was just metal.

    Like ourselves, she can leave the old body and take on the new, if you wish to continue with her.

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