Bio Moment – What’s in a Name?

This is the story of my new car, who began as Eleanor, then became Elly, and landed at something else entirely.

Here’s how it happened.

Several months ago, my husband began looking for a new car for me. He has really good instincts and had – as has been written about many times, and as recently as yesterday – found Ruby for me. I trusted him.

At first, I wanted something big and strong like Ruby – which meant an SUV. He’d show me a photo and I’d comment on the style, color, and vibes… and he’d adapt his search.

As the weeks went by, I changed my tune. I went from big to smaller, and back again. I went from muted to jeweled tones and then bright lipstick red. I went from new to used to new to used. Hubby adapted as I cycled through.

In the end, I’d settled for a white 2022 Hyundai Elantra. This is the car I wanted.

As you can see, it is not what I got. LOL

He’d found the car I wanted at a Hyundai dealer, and off we went.

Funny thing happened when we got there ==== NOTHING. Nobody came out to help us, the car was there but didn’t reach out to me. The entire experience was Meh. Actually, more like, WTF, you want to sell cars or what?

We took a bit of a detour on the way home – and ended up at a Kia dealership. What the heck, let’s take a look, we said. A Sol had been on my list in the early days, so why not?

As we scanned the new and used cars, one jumped out at me. It was *NOTHING* like what I had been looking for! But she sure got my attention!

As we stood next to her – admiring – we were greeted by a young guy who’s energy exuded kindness and care. His name is Jamal.

We chatted, got inside the car, and chatted some more.

We crunched numbers and talked about warranties with the jovial finance guy Kyle, who was clearly very good at his job. He listened, answered questions, and stayed after his regular shift to assist us.

Then I mentioned Ruby.

“Ah, you name your cars. Well, this one is obviously Eleanor,” he said. “You know, because she’s an Elantra. Eleanor the Elantra!”

“Elly, then,” I answered. Eleanor didn’t feel quite right. But Elly? Maybe!

She was nothing like what I’d come looking for…

But I was already falling in love.

She was an Elantra, all right, but several years old. Silver, which was never on my list.

Was she fated to be mine? Elly?

I needed time and space to process.

So, we walked away.

The next day, Kyle called with a fantastic offer which included a warranty package for the life of the loan (5 years). The price was right, the payment was right, the bells and whistles were right.

And so, here we are! She’s a sports model with all sorts of fun stuff… like a sunroof! *Bliss*

On the way home, we tested out the name… Elly… and she sent out a clear message: NO.

So… what is her name?

Selene. She is the moon goddess, who drove a ‘silver chariot’ across the night’s sky in Greek mythology.

Ah, that feels right!

I’m almost afraid to tell Jamal and Kyle but hey guys, when the car has spoken… know what I mean?

So, consider this your introduction to the beautiful Selene. My new ride. Isn’t she something?


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