Pendulums Complete Divination Kit -Should I accept this gift?

I picked up Pendulums Complete Divination Kit on a whim. I think it may have been on sale, actually.

As you probably know (especially if you’ve been here for a while), I believe God speaks through all sorts of modalities and am open to all of them!

Energy speaks too… even in inanimate objects… like say… my vehicles. You (of course!) know Ruby and Selene?

Energy also speaks through animals and trees and (of course!) YOU and ME…

… and when we pair with something (or someONE) else… well, watch out! An unbeatable team!

I love pendulums. My mother gifted me with the most beautiful pendulum I’ve ever owned…

This is it… next to some of my other crystal treasures, all rose quartz. It has a tree (of life!) on the other end. I just love it and keep it on display with my other crystals.

This book came with its own pendulum that’s heavy plated gold with a pearl on the other end. I like the heft of it so I’ve been using it when I pull this box out.

Anywho, occasionally I sit down to write in my journal (or here) and am nudged to pick up one of my card boxes and do a reading… or, like today, my pendulum box.

The box came with a set of cards… all different kinds… and being honest, I love the compass on top so much that I put it up on my wall. Not what was intended but it sure brings me pleasure.

Today, I pulled out the card below it that says:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Rephrase

There are other cards, as you can see, with the alphabet for spelling things out, birth months and signs, days of the week, months of the year, percentages, and numbers, along with a hundred-page guide for using your pendulum.

All in all, a very nice box set and certainly suitable for gift giving! But yes, I digress.

I had my computer open and ready to reblog another book when a friend private messaged to thank me for something I said. It was truly out of the blue… it had been days since I’d said it and I’d frankly forgotten about it.

A conversation ensued, as they so often do. LOL

She offered me a gift and I wasn’t sure if I should accept it.

To be clear, it was not a gift of money but of her time and talent. She said she would be honored if I accepted.

I was torn. Good thing I had my pendulum out and at the ready, eh? <wink>

So, before I answered her, I turned to ask my pendulum, which I held between my fingers over the card I mentioned above.

First, I asked, “Would it be wise to accept this gift?”

I closed my eyes. It started swinging around and finally stopped.

The answer: Rephrase

Uh, okay, I thought to myself. How about, “Is there any reason I should NOT accept this gift?”

The answer: No

“So,” I said out loud. “I should accept this gift with an open heart?”

“Yes,” the pendulum answered.



(As some of you may be thinking…)

It’s all a load of shit.

I mean, that’s always a possibility, right?

Maybe I made it spin and/or land on a certain answer, even subconsciously. Maybe this or maybe that.

But here’s the thing … and it’s always been the thing to me: I love this kind of stuff and believe that with the best intentions we get the best outcomes.

And frankly, even if is a load of hooey … it’s MY load of hooey … and I appreciate it.

So yeah, I’m accepting the gift from my friend.

And, I’m keeping my pendulum right here next to my crystals and cards and spiritual texts, including the Bible.

If you’ve been reading me for some time… you know that I believe self-help is everywhere! Ultimately yes, the name says it comes from “self” but nobody is an island. We all connect with everything around us and create beautiful (or ugly) things, moments, relationships, and experiences.

I choose to see the beautiful possibilities. I hope you do, too.

PS: If it’s appropriate, I’ll be sharing the gift after it has been received.

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