Easy Like Sunday – Planted

Over the years, I’ve had all sorts of folks reach out to me… from PR to publishing to medical teams… asking if I would…

  • Read their book, article, blog and/or website
  • Write a review on my site
  • Write a review on their site
  • Conduct an interview
  • Collaborate
  • Include their info on my site

It may seem like a no-brainer to you but to me, it always requires a lot of thought.

I used to be a risk-taker … and I mean in BIG ways … from going out beyond the waves in the ocean to climbing the tallest trees to going home with some guy I met at Iccabod’s (a defunct disco in Fullerton, California, circa 1979).

In later years, I was better… safer… I did, after all, have children to think about.

However, I reverted to form when I turned 40 and my whole world blew up — that’s when I landed in Canada. (The details are all over this blog if you go looking.)

These days, I’m VERY careful. I give everything great thought. Some might say to my detriment. But I digress.

Point is: I take decision-making seriously.

Further, there is no risk-taking when it comes to this blog space.

You may be asking yourself how risk, publishers, big waves, and thoughtfulness tie in with this blog?

Good question.

Here’s the answer: It’s about taking what I’ve learned in my life and applying it to everything, including this blog.

Nothing is here by accident nor has it been added without great thought.

That said, today I included a Non-Crisis Resource that may interest some of you. It’s about Mental Health & Opioid Use Disorder.

The reason it prompted an entire post is this… I want you to know that I do not add (or promote) any Tom, Dick, or Harry that asks – or sends me a link.

If opioid addiction is something you or a loved one is struggling with, I hope the site can be one small step toward healing for you.

Opioid addiction is not something I’ve dealt with personally. I don’t pretend to be an expert of any kind. But I know a thing or two about addiction in general. Anything that gets rid of pain has the potential to be addictive. I’ve been there, as have many people I’ve known and loved.

And we live in a VERY painful world.

Finally, I want to say that my integrity is of utmost importance to me, as a human and a site.

Since beginning this blog, I have grown in ways I never expected.

I feel like I’ve planted myself into fertile, solid ground, and will continue to grow and thrive.

I’m like the tree in my featured photo. I love trees, as you know. I love the roots, and the branches, reaching out, seeking…

I trust this process!

I hope it shows!

I also hope this resource and the others I share bring hope and healing.


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