Addendum to yesterday’s post – Isn’t it ironic?

What are the chances that you’ll get a booster shot of a vaccine for a disease you already have?

In my case, it’s 100%.

Or at least – it WAS on Wednesday evening.

Last night, I woke up several times to a game of Pong going on in my head. The flashing cursors (paddles) were on my right temple and just behind the left ear. The ball going back and forth was a shooting pain.

Surely, I thought, this can’t just be from the immunization?

Then a thought entered my mind: Take a Covid test in the morning!

I took two!

You see the results.

Life is funny.

At a time when I should (perhaps) be slowing down (Hi Ana!) I sped up, instead.

My body said, slow down there, Speedy!

So far, my lungs are feeling *okay* – and with lifelong asthma this is my biggest concern!

Not a long post today. Just taking it easy in bed.

PS: Hubby is testing negative. I’m wondering if his CPAP kept him safe? It is a mask, after all. Anyway, so far so good!


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