Bio Moment – Before I was so rudely interrupted by getting sick as a dog

July 18, 2022

Interesting. The post I am reblogging is about the last time I was sick. And not just sick, but really, really sick. Also, I had recently had a vaccine. Two, actually. With a nasty reaction to one of them.

It was months before we’d be talking about Covid… but like some other people I know who got sick in the months leading up to Spring, 2020… afterwards I wondered.

My husband had been sick too… before me… and they said he had all sorts of crazy things that made no sense… like foot and mouth… or is it hoof and mouth?… whatever… he had a terrible rash… highly contagious, they said, but couldn’t be sure what it was.

Just interesting, don’t you think?

And here we are now… when there are no doubts about it. I have Covid.

How does it feel?

Not good.

I made the mistake of carrying a basket of laundry downstairs. Very carefully, mind you. But still, I had to sit down afterward. And rest as I put things into the washer. Thank God I don’t have to beat the clothes against rocks, eh?

I bathed, which feels better, but had to sit down after, which is weird since I took an actual bath and uh… yeah… was sitting through the whole thing.

I’m bone tired but not tired enough to fall asleep. My head has a dull ache. I’m kinda dizzy but that’s nothing new. A little hot…

Still a productive cough and runny nose.

Could be MUCH WORSE and for that, I am thankful!

When I get over this thing, I’m back to wearing a mask all the time. Clearly, there are sick people (who don’t know they’re sick) among us. I was one of them last week, which horrifies me to no end.

The Self-Help Whisperer®

As my friends and family will tell you, I have trouble finishing things. Oh heck, maybe you’ve noticed, too. Upon second thought, yeah, you probably have. Noticed, that is.

Yes, I’m a procrastinator. But I take it further than that…

I procrastinate WHILE doing it, whatever *it* is.

Go me!

This time, it began with my hair. It was my Step 1. Or Step One. I can’t remember. Point is it’s the first thing on a list. I wrote about it here.

The next step was to be exercise because that very day — yes, that VERY day — I had decided that beginning the next day, after work, I would begin to walk my neighborhood. I had the route all mapped out, too. I would go up the street, around the park and back home. Not too long… just right to begin because I had, alas, stopped…

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  1. Darlin’, it takes a serious writer to be going through what you are (I think quietly caught the first three strains that came through at least once, isolated off in my little field of nettles there, or alone in my gypsy cart. Seem to have a fairly robust immunity to it all now) ~ and get an LOL title out of it. Broke me UP, sista.

    Here’s the thing ~ I really make it a practice not to express myself in the negative unless I find a person in need of knocking out, so to speak, prior to lifesaving but very uncomfortable psychic surgery, as it were (is the double caveat a digression?) ~ but just this morning I ran across a CFI sufferer so far gone she blew up at any commenter who had anything other than sympathy to offer ~ no constructive comments allowed.

    When she actually dedicated space in her latest post to the justification of this practice, I administered a little truth pill, telling her, essentially, that if she didn’t get off that downhill spiral she was about to tank.

    “Your primary task in healing,” I channeled on this ungrateful soul’s behalf, “is to start looking up instead of down, start saying yes instead of no…”

    You’ll be fine, darlin’. Just, stop with the laundry and go cuddle up with some whatever’s good.

    I love you.

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