Bio Moment – My Covid Experience

First of all, I’m not dead.


As an older, overweight-er, life-long asthma sufferer, it was scary. Not touch-and-go or anything, just scary. Especially once it hit my lungs.

I thank the vaccinations.

The timeline went like this:

  • I got the 2nd booster (4th needle) on Wednesday evening after work… around 5:15pm.
  • Thursday afternoon just after lunch, I started feeling crummy. I blamed the vaccination, as you know.
  • Friday morning I felt like death-warmed-over but – still believing it was residual from the needle – went to work. I spent the day freezing cold or boiling hot, (mostly) holding my head in my hands.
  • Fever broke overnight and I felt better but now had a very runny nose and started coughing up gunk (sorry!). I also had a nasty headache.
  • Overnight, it felt like pong in my head – the pain bounced off one side and onto the other. Over and over. Not even my big-gun migraine meds helped.
  • It suddenly occurred to me – like at 4am – that I might have actual Covid and needed to test, which I told myself I’d do in the morning.
  • Two tests later, just to be sure… I tested positive for Covid. I also tested positive on Monday before I went to the doctor. Met her in the parking lot. She said to quit testing. Don’t go back to work until the following week but could leave the house beginning Friday, if needed.
  • Tuesday – Friday… like a bad cold in slow motion, going backward. Super-duper tired, running hot and cold, though the worst of the fever was definitely last Friday.
  • Didn’t feel actually hungry until Thursday evening. Found the energy to make us dinner. Oh, did I mention hubby tested positive two days after me? Ugh. He’s doing fairly well and never got quite as sick as me, thankfully.
  • Today, Saturday, I’m left with the cough, which now sounds crunchy, not chewy (Yes, that was gross. So sue me! LOL). My voice sounds almost back to normal. Still tired. Still hot and cold but to be fair, it’s late-July with 100% humidity outside and freezing in the house thanks to “Women’s Winter” and a very hot-blooded husband.

And now you’re up to date!

In other news, a woman was attacked by a man in “my forest” yesterday at 6pm. That’s why I was nervous going after work. Or before. *sigh*

This morning, I was thinking about it … and it suddenly occurred to me that last summer was something magical, never to be repeated. I know I needed it, being on the heels of Dad’s death… with the feathers and all... but it makes me sad.

Not that I won’t be going out later in the season. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel safe enough to go inside my forest alone again – and I’m an “alone walker”.

I still have two weeks of day shift/ training… so… it won’t be until August like I said before. I guess that gives me time to fully recover.

In the meantime, I was sent a new book to read… looking forward to that!

Going back to work on Monday. Looking forward to that, too!

Please take good care of yourselves and though I probably don’t need to say this… Covid is not yet over. We were told we could take off the masks on July 4… and uh… you see what happened.

It is to my shame that I walked around contagious before I knew I was sick. How many people did I infect? It hurts my heart to think of it!

I’m putting the mask back on next week.

Here’s what I know for sure: I don’t want another go at this thing. Next time, I may not be so lucky!


  1. I know, it truly makes you feel like crap, doesn’t it?

    So glad you’re getting better! Now, don’t gear back up too quick ~ listen to the body as much as possible. I love you.


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