Soul Numerology – Let’s have some fun!

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Soul Numerology by Julie Gale is yet another fun pastime if you’re the kind who likes finding out everything about yourself and others, even if it’s a little… out there. And by “out there” I mean… controversial.

First things first: My copy was published in 1998 in London. Maybe someone brought it to Canada and then tossed it in the bin at Value Village, my fave thrift store. I picked it up a few years ago.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room —> Numerology. Gale tells us in the Introduction that people often say, “I wish I could find out what my Soul Path is. I’d like to know what my life lessons are, and if I have any of whatever this thing is called ‘Karma.'”

Prepositions at the end of sentences and confusing sentence structure aside, those are good questions.

But why numerology?

I could say…

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