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I’m not sure if I’m walking away from my past or toward my future.

Quote from the diary of Alan Christoffersen from book 2 of the series “The Walk” by Richard Paul Evans

It has happened to me before. I’ve talked about it here, on this blog.

What is it?

Let me explain.

Somehow, I get pulled into a subject and accidentally (on purpose?) buy books (sometimes movies, but usually books) that (whether I realized it at the time or not) covered a specific subject or occurred in the same place. Take (for example – and clearly this is Parenthesis Day!) during the end of my first marriage, when I bought several books about death. I talked about it here, if you’re interested >>> The post where it happened.

So, over the last year or so, I have inadvertently (and also on purpose) been reading books that take…

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